Why is Egalitarian considered so bad ?

stellaris 5 - Why is Egalitarian considered so bad ?

Everything is in the title. I was doing some reading and it seems that the common opinion is that egalitarian is not worth it, ie it sucks. I get that minerals are king, and that Slavers or bots can extract a hefty amount of them, but hear me out: since 2.0, influence is reaaaally important. And oh boy, egalitarians can get a lot of it. Using it, you can continually take edicts and outproduce Slavers in early to midgame, AND expand incredibly fast. Using this strategy, late game the game is already won anyway.

Taking the fanatic egalitarian ethic (+50% faction influence gain -20% consumer goods) plus cutthroat politics (-20% edict cost) plus parliamentary system (+25% faction influence) makes you a true influence whore. Then you can take xenophobe (easy to satisfy faction) which gives -10% claim -20% starbase cost, or materialist (academic privilege is always nice, easy to satisfy faction), spiritualist (then again easy to satisfy plus -5% edict cost, and hefty unity buildings), or militarist (kinda easy to satisfy, yay fire rate and later you can take citizen service, best late game civic imho).


Using this setup, taking the interstellar dominion as first ascension perk, you expand like true cancer. even without it you eaaasily outexpand any other empire. With executive vigor (edict duration ascension perk), you end up outproducing and outexpanding anyone.

The best thing is that the egalitarian faction has so much faction pull that no other faction will be able to emerge other than your 2 ethics one. Even after a conquest, giving a good living standard to the conquered specy pulls them towards egalitarian quite fast. Which means that you sit at 8-12 influence the whole game.

So please tell me what I'm missing, and why is it considered to suck this much on a purely non RP point of view ?


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