Why Megacorp is even more important than one might think

stellaris 4 - Why Megacorp is even more important than one might think

Now, on the surface Megacorp DLC is just adding new authority, bunch of civics, some more megastructures and other minor things. And most of it is nice, but not to the level that certain two civics are. These two civics (Criminal Heritage and Gospel of the Masses) are probably some of the more important civics in this DLC simply because of the gameplay implications they carry.

For almost all of the life of Stellaris, the main, if not the only threat to your empire always came from the other side of a laser gun. Majority of issues stemmed from your enemy having a bigger or better fleet than you did. But with appearance of these two civics, things already change slightly, since now there is a serious threat that isn't posed by military.


Criminal Heritage allows an empire to place their "branch office" on any of your planets and start generating crime there. Crime is usually not a good thing, from what I've gathered and they'll make sure you have a lot of it there unless you'll take some serious measures there that will hinder your economy. This threat is pretty sizeable and can endanger not only your economy, but structural stability since it can cause revolutions and rebels to just break up your country. Combined with a possibility of Gospel of the Masses to seriously affect ethics of your pops, this can also be a pretty dangerous thing to Egalitarian Materialists, since they will have to deal with an outright hostile Spiritualist faction that is forced on them that usually has no chance to form on it's own. Crime and Ethic damage caused without a single fleet or shot fired. Considering how much people wish for Espionage and Diplomacy, I think Megacorps are paving way for something even more insidious than this and it's pretty exciting.


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