Why Utopian Abundance is completely and utterly busted

stellaris 7 - Why Utopian Abundance is completely and utterly busted

For those of you who do not know, Utopian Abundance is a living standard avaliable to Egalitarians.

Heres what it does:

Every pop living under Utopian Abundance costs 1 consumer good in upkeep

Every pop living under Utopian Abundance has +20 happiness

Every unemployed pop living under Utopian Abundance has +1 unity production and +2 science production. This is NOT considered a job. Unemployed pops still generate crime but do not become unhappy from being unemployed.

So why is this broken? Very simple, running out of consumer goods is very irrelevant in 2.2+.The penalty for running out of consumer goods is; every pop gets – 25% happiness, and all JOBS produce – 75% unity and research.

See the problem yet? You can completely ignore the penalty for having no consumer goods as it has virtually no effect on an empire which relies on unemployed pops to generate it's science and unity.

the – 25% happiness is countered by the 20% boost from Utopian Abundance too.

So what does this mean? So long as you have sufficient amenities and housing, you can still easily manage a very productive empire even with hundreds of unemployed pops per planet. No micro management required either.

Lets compare the efficiency of an unemployed pop to a researcher.

Each default researcher generates 4 science for every 2 consumer goods and produces no unity.


Each unemployed pop generates 2 science and 1 unity for effectively 0 consumer goods.

Now all you need to do is deal with crime.

Crime in theory could be a problem but in practise never will be if you are diligent. You are not aiming to prevent crime but rather to ignore it after dealing with it the first time.

Once crime starts to rise, a planet-based decision "negotiate with crime lords" will become avaliable, it does 3 things, firstly it raises crime slightly, secondly it raises stability by 10% and thirdly it prevents crime related events such as the criminal underworld from triggering on the planet. The decision is also permenant. This makes crime very easy to deal with as its effects will be minor even at 100% crime.

Essentially you will never have useless pops, never need to micro anything and will easily get ahead of the competition in terms of research. You will also save a lot of minerals from having to not build any civilian factories and can instead use them on building districts, stockpiling them or using them for alloys. Just buy 200 consumer goods off the market every time you want to build a colony ship.

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