Will freeing my Massively Xenophobic slaves (Becoming Residents) Permanently tank my economy?

stellaris 8 - Will freeing my Massively Xenophobic slaves (Becoming Residents) Permanently tank my economy?

(Usual disclaimer, on mobile and brand new player. On my first ever game.)

TLDR: I defeated some xenophobic humans who hate my race and policies etc. in every way. I was forced to enslave them (started as Resident) as they wouldnt go above a 20% happy rating and were tanking my economy massively while becoming criminals and rioting etc. now things are stable, if I let them become Residents again, will they go back to super angry economy killers every time? (I did save at one point and test it early on, about 5 years after enslavement and ALL my planets went super angry and practically wiped me). I am Authoritarian, currently employed slave processing and relocate unemployed to new colonies with available jobs to keep everyone happy.

Full story and long questions: So I went into Stellaris on console blind, bad lßchoice but I am doing fine enough. I had to look up and change a few plans etc. as I went but I am currently in the top few empires in the galaxy and have fully taken over an enemy race. I found early on that making my entire fleet missiles was getting me killed so had to change that. Had a slow start not realizing what districts were but eventually caught up and defeated my first aggressor (it was very touch and go and involved a lot of luring their fleets to a single fortified station.)

Now things are balanced and progressing well, I am not running any deficits and have strong fleets which are slowly defeating 2 other empires each time war breaks out. (I know for a fact there are many things I am missing but happy for now as I am sure I will learn the rest as I go).


At the start/mid stages I had 2 races that kind of liked me (At least didnt immediatly claim they would destroy me and rule the galaxy over my corpse etc. like the rest who are all huge xenophobes). One was quickly reduced to a single system far from me and the other became a large powerful empire with the largest border to my empire. I realised that the empire that were previously happy enough with me, despite me being authoritarian, now hate my guts. It is because they are human, like the captured planets race I made slaves for being so xenophobic. Also they are a 'United nations' believes in democracy and equal rites etc. unlike my authoritarian rule (though my slaves even have decent living). Basically they now hate my guts and declare me rivals, they share my biggest border and I don't want war with them, at least until I settle with the two empires who declared war on me previously.

My long version of the question is:

  1. If I now declare humans can be residents, will they go back to immediate planet unhappiness, riots and demanding 'equal rites' thus tanking my entire economy? If so would this be a temporary thing I can weather forna few years till it settles down?

  2. Will my race get super mad at me for it since my lead factions and many edicts etc. are about my races superiority?

  3. Will the human empire stop hating me at least (don't expect them to love me, just tone down the war rhetoric and threats). Or are they a lost cause and I just placate them until I can finish my current wars and fortify my borders?

Thanks, -Fean

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