Wish list for future updates/sequel. [Console Player]

stellaris 5 - Wish list for future updates/sequel. [Console Player]

I have been playing Stellaris since it relased on console and I was following it for years before on YouTube. After nearly a year of playing it I have several things that I would like to see come into the game at least from a console players perspective, I know that many of these things may have happened for PC so feel free to tell me if they have because it sounds as though the Devs are working on updating the Console edition to where PC is currently.

  • Balancing Resource Worth. Currently on the Console edition (CE) Power is by far the most useful resource internally. Aside from powering everything an excess can supplement if not replace mineral production entirely. However, when trading with other empires Power is useless and monthly food is king I keep a large food income just to get research agreements and sensor links. Hopefully this improves going forward.
  • Make Unity Useful after traditions. I don't really have a solution for this but the painstaking task of replacing all my unity only buildings because it has no purpose now is a long one.
  • Make space Stations more powerful. At the moment it doesn't take much to overwhelm a system even the most powerful fortresses cap out around 8k and they take till the endgame to get where the smallest fleets are 20k+. there is no point in building outside RP reasons. make them worth it.
  • Make technology focus mean more. What I mean here is that even with a species and empire keyed to research there comes a time where your less focused neighbours will catch up so your advantage has a rather short clock.
  • Diplomacy Upgrade. Outside the federation update, I would love the chance to ask allies to come in on an attack, not a war but an attack. say there was an ether drake or stellar devourer attacking me I would love to ask a close ally hey do you mind coming with me to kill this thing in exchange for something.
  • Mods God how I want mods nothing special just ship and maybe weapon mods, one of the best parts of Stellaris is the RP value with ship mods you can RP more things. I know mods on console haven't exactly taken off but the work Fallout 4 had with mods on Xbox was great, added to its replay value no end, plus the Xbox 1 held up pretty good with said mods.
  • FTL penalty Personally I feel the FTL penalty for traveling outside my space is too harsh. When you have the Jump drive, Zro as a resource, T4 impulse thrusters and an admiral with Gale speed it shouldn't take 50 days to make a single jump. Now I get the idea that when outside my space I would have to go through diplomatic channels to ask to jump from system to system but then at least have an option to remove/ lessen that in diplomacy and remove it all together in war because, well its war.
  • Ground Combat. I am not entirely sure what they could do to improve the ground combat within this game but I would like it to be more involed than build a bigger stack than the other guy.

That's a small list of things/changes that I would like to see enter the game. are there any other changes people would like to see, I'm curious

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