Wishlist for 2.2 Stellaris fixes/updates

stellaris 4 - Wishlist for 2.2 Stellaris fixes/updates

Add your own! Two-three sentences at most, get at the heart of the idea there.

In no particular order:

  • Ability to change the auto-fill order of importance for planetary jobs, on a planetary basis.

  • Ability to allow/disallow jobs for entire species (e.g, this species is banned from mining completely). Egalitarians can cry about equal rights as part of their faction quirk.

  • As an extension of the above, ability to allow/disallow jobs for entire sub-races, as well as robots/drones.
  • Ability to set desired amenities or population numbers on a planet. If the planet exceeds either, it will try to find jobs/become unemployed, or force excess population off (similar to the overcrowding equilibrium effect but without overcrowding).

  • Economic research (+%minerals/energy/food) could be changed to flat amounts (e.g, +1, +2, +3, etc); or increases the amount of jobs per district; or does something that isn't "hey, stack +100% energy increase to turn your +4 into +8 at the end game state". It both feels and plays in an extremely lackluster way having a constant tail-chasing economy at every stage of the game.

  • Planetary buildings for raw minerals/energy production. This mostly helps raw resource planets do better at their jobs, and should be considered in the context of a wider economic adjustment (especially with the above consideration).
  • Sectors need more work overall. Would like to see more control over sector's area of influence (even if it's research or policies that increase a sector capital's "auto-sector grab" feature). Would like to see space construction return, and also the ability to manually designate solar systems within a sector's grab range (to resolve competing sectors fighting over the same space).

  • Planet specialization is nice; would like to be able to manually assign this so my 20~ district back water agri world doesn't turn into a Fortress World when I plop down strongholds for fleet cap. Would also like to see the specialization bonus stronger or more uniquely significant (e.g, +1 or +2 energy/food/minerals per district, metallurgists get a stronger +%bonus, etc).

  • Building lock to pops both make sense and feels weird, particularly where strategic resource producing (SRP) buildings are concerned. SRP buildings on dedicated worlds lowers per-world specialization efficiency, but you must over-pop without equitable labor in order to specialize a planet for SRP buildings. Would like to see some manner of address, perhaps in making upgrades to SRP buildings so you don't ruin slots on specialized worlds?

  • Gaia worlds rerolling districts (and other planetary terraformations?) is very annoying and can accidentally destroy otherwise ideal worlds by doing so. Please get rid of district rerolling, or introduce unique districts to Gaia worlds–unless the intention is to make you take a leap of faith on "only some planets" and not all of them.

  • As a machine empire, robot replication is painful in every sense of the context. Robots consume a truckton of minerals, and build at very questionable speeds unless you cheese a really flat, binary strategy to compensate. Please give us more replicator jobs balanced out with mineral pricing, such that we're better early game but lose out to organic immigration in late game.

  • Alternatively, allow machine/synthetic empires to create a 'robot replication planet' type that specifically focuses on creating robots to emigrate across the collective/empire. This would add a unique flavor and strategic concern for these empire types while also providing an outlet for our replication needs.
  • Ability to designate a planet as a '(automatic) relocation' target for unemployed populations. This means I can stack a planet for jobs, and have it vacuum suck unemployed populations across my empire to it. At the very least this saves me from the hell that is unemployed relocation clicking for +10 planets and all that interface nonsense for all empire types.

  • Ability to create custom name lists for all nameable objects in an empire, in the empire creation menu. Yeah this is just pure lore and such, but I'd love the ability to flavor more specifically rather than have to awkwardly mod it in constantly.

  • Ability to artificially set available housing number. This mostly handles the awkward cases of having "too much extra housing, so there's extra pops, who are unemployed on a world with perfect job ratios". It is infuriating to address even in a non-minmax sense and forces me to either ignore constant rioter/deviancy alerts, or play relocation management hell.

mmm that's about all I have for now. Anyone else?

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