“With only two fleets”

stellaris 4 - “With only two fleets”

“The Alliance saw it coming…their fleets were docked in key locations near our borders. The fleet you now call Legio Mettia was stationed in a single planet vassal state known as the Birnathi Stellar Assembly, and their most experienced Legio, Legio Appia was stationed in the Imperium’s own system of Damiun.”

-The sounds of a liquid being gulped down can be heard-

“It was a gamble in our eyes…when the war kicked off Legio Mettia, their most inexperienced legion mind you would be cut off and surrounded on all sides by our systems. If they took too many losses they would have to fight their way back to friendly territory, thus allowing us to swoop in and reclaim any lost systems with the added bonus of taking out their weakest vassal.”

-A heavy sigh can be heard.-

“But it wasn’t a gamble and that’s how we should’ve know we had lost. When the war started we had been under the assumption that we would march in and “save” the imperials from the threat of their government and save the vassals from the government as well.”

-A creak can be heard echoing throughout the room.-

“And at first it looked like it’d be a cake walk, we used our numerous amount of gateways to outmaneuver the imperials and their Cydran and Forgelord counter parts and even used our main fleet to wipe out a Cydran fleet, but then the imperials crept out of the void like a black hole does when it wanders the galaxy and then it began.”

-A shaky wheeze is heard-

“We had gone into the battle with two hundred and seven in tow….and we came out with forty-eight remaining…all of which was for nothing.”

-A mix of a sob and laughter can be heard now-

“We had them out numbered y’know, we even thought we had them outclassed…that was until their new class of battleship the Neptune class opened up, one is capable of frying an entire fleets shields and armor and they had three of them.”


-Another gulp of liquid can be heard-

“We gave as good as we got though, our admiral decided the only chance we had was to close the distance and try to nullify the chance of them destroying us.”

-A grunt could be heard-

“It almost worked….their Hastati corvettes were outnumbered and wiped out with little effort, but they played their part and forced us to deal with their Triarii Cruisers which showered us in plasma and kinetic artillery which was followed by Tachyon lances, strike craft, and everything the imperial armory had to offer.”

“We were like a solar flare in return, washing upon their cruisers and titan with fiery fury and took down ship after ship. I can remember the battle going back and forth and we even took down their titan, the Augustus.”

“We assumed it would break their morale and force them onto the back foot, we didn’t expect them instead to press the attack with fury. I saw battleships and cruisers ramming what was left of us and those that were left standing…those forty-eight..we turned tail and ran.”

-A long pause follows before a sob was heard again.-

“The imperials had a total of forty-three ships in Legio Appia and they left with eleven left standing….our fleet was broken..Legio Mettia along with a rallied vassal fleet of Cydran’s wreaked havoc on us in the south with only a loss of their Corvette corps and within five years Legio Appia came back from the dead with near full strength and lead the forgelords in a vengeful drive into the heartlands of the Galactic Alliance.”

-A shaky hiccup is heard-

“And the Imperium broke us, with only two fleets…”

-The audio sharply cuts off soon after.-

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