stellaris 3 - Worldships

Good day all,

Just thought I'd re-iterate the idea of a worldship (mobile habitat) civic, a la Homeworld/Quarians/many more sci-fi settings. What, if any, technical difficulties would arise from having extremely expensive habitat ships that are destroyable in combat a la Habitats and Planet Crackers?

Bringing back the old style of having shipyards attached to your planets but mobile. A fleet capacity based solely off a higher scaling percentage for the amount of pops in the worldships comparatively to standard empires anchorages and pops.

It would be an interesting play style, not claiming systems permanently but laying cheaper influence temporary claims for station rights until a worldship leaves that system. Or more expensive deployable mining/research stations that operate outside of territory claims (since there won't be a way to permanently claim territory unless you begin to colonize worlds, which could start a gradual migration from ships and could disable further growth on the worldships) but can be destroyed/claimed by other empires frontier outposts.

Just trying to brainstorm possible ideas for different playstyles/sandbox RP opportunities.


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