Would like to see a more climactic achievement for diplomatic players / xenophile ethics

stellaris 1 - Would like to see a more climactic achievement for diplomatic players / xenophile ethics

The Ascension perks are a key part of the mid/end game. Most Stellaris games are won by "score", and the Ascension Perks give you a big achievement that helps you cross the finish line, and give you a big late game moment for your civilization's story.

On that note, the "Xeno-Compatibility" Ascension perk seems like a lost opportunity. I'm really into it from a role-playing standpoint, as I tend to play nice with other Xenos (and usually like the Xenophile Ethic). But in practice, I always go with with Engineered Evolution and Evolutionary Mastery (EE+EM), because:

  • Power: EE+EM lead to bigger bonuses
  • Control: EE+EM let you totally control what bonuses you get
  • Synergy: Xeno-Compatibility is for xenophiles, and doesn't synergize with its trade/diplomacy bonuses
  • Narrative: EE+EM is just a deeper chain of events with a bigger climax

A lot of the other ascension paths have a bigger climax, really. Not just Evolutionary Mastery.

The Materialists can become perfect machines (Flesh is Weak + Synthetic Evolution). The Spiritualists discover a whole other plane of existence (Mind over Matter + Transcendence). The Militarists and Xenophobes can conquer the hell out of everyone (lots of great ascension perks).

But there's no big achievement for Xenophiles, and players who enjoy a more diplomatic / "get along" play style.

I see potential if Stellaris builds on the idea of Xeno-Compatibility, with a dramatic chain of ascension perks that ends in something big and inspiring. (e.g.: "Transgenetic Marvel", "Cosmic Species", "Universal Being")


A quick fix is to allow Xeno-Compatibility to unlock Evolutionary Mastery. It opens up fairly big perk, it fits with the overall story and theme, and it wouldn't imbalance the game.



If you do develop a full-on ascension path similar to some of the other high-end perks, here's a few ideas:

First Tier / Xeno-Compatibility Substitutes:

  • Create a few lesser climate-preference traits for hybrid species (e.g.: Dry-tolerant gives +10% to dry climates)
  • Or give hybrid species a general habitability bonus (more robust genes)
  • New Edict – "Integrate Xenos": +sprawl from pop, +trade value from pop, +xenophile ethic attraction
  • New Planet Decision – "Transgenic Incentives": +33% immigration, immigrants get correct climate-preference
  • Free migration treaties
  • More diplomatic weight from pop (since your hybrid civilization makes you more relatable

Higher Tier Ascension Perk Ideas (e.g.: "Transgenetic Marvel"):

  • Rare tech: "Xeno Genome Project" (can unlock below, to add some research cost)
  • New planet: "Cosmopolis" – 100% habitability, +50% immigration, districts favour trade value / research / unity
  • New army: "Chimera Soldier"
  • Event Chain: "Transgenetic Fitness" – triggers every 75 years. pops become hybrid, and move from non-adaptive, to adaptive, to robust
  • Edict: similar to above, but maybe only effects a percentage of pops per year (more gradual)

It feels like a Xenophile / Cooperative / Diplomatic play style is pretty common, and deserves its own climactic achievement. Hopefully some other people feel the same way.

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