Would love to hear you guy’s feedback on my favorite build! And hear what yours is!

stellaris 7 - Would love to hear you guy’s feedback on my favorite build! And hear what yours is!

So been playing stellaris since last November and I’m having a total blast! Found I really took a liking to playing a xeno enslaver empire and am trying to maximize my build now. Happy to share all the details for anyone who wants to try it, it feels insanely strong in the mid to late game (whenever I play something else I just feel it isn’t as good ><). However would also love to hear any feedback on how to make it stronger!

Ethics: Authoritarian/Xenophobe/Spiritualist

Authoritarian for the extra influence boost in the early to mid-game, plus extra basic resource production from worker/slaves as they are the backbone to this build. Spiritualist for the bonus unity and only having to dedicate one building to unity and amenities per planet). Xenophobe for fast expanding in the early game and pop growth (all specialist growth is dependent on pop growth for this build).

Civics: Post-Apocalyptic/Merchant Guilds (switched to Post-Apocalyptic/Aristocratic Elite/Miner’s Guild upon third civic)

Traits: Adaptive/Intelligent/Deviants/Repugnant/Traditional

Post Apocalyptic and adaptive will allow me to efficiently take any planet i come across, so I’m not forced to expand too large in order to hit the optimal amount of planets or wait for terraforming. Merchant Guilds for the early game boost to energy, allowing me to more easily set up a strong economy quickly. Will touch on the civic swap when I do the strategy. Intelligent and traditional for boosting tech. Deviants cos I honestly don’t feel it does anything and repugnant cos amenities aren’t usually an issue as spiritualist.

Ascension Perks (in order): Consecrate Worlds, Executive Vigor, Nihilistic Acquistion, Arcology Project, MoM, Ascension, Galactic Wonders, Master Builders

Early game: Rush choke points till you secure 10-15 planets (shouldn’t be hard with 70% habitability). Non-aggression pacts for anyone who shares a border with you (bribe them and rival their rivals). If there’s anyone sharing a border who is hostile beyond repair, you NEED to kill them immediately. Rush the supremacy tree, pump out alloys, claim all their systems with planets. Either way it will start you with a strong economy (cos you’ll either get a good amount of slaves if you fully invade someone or a time of peace where you don’t need to focus on ships if your borders are safe). Get 3/5 tech worlds going and start rushing that ecumenopolis. Building slots are prioritized as such: Temples, labs on tech worlds, consumer goods only if you are in deficit (never go over +20), alloys. This will build you towards a strong economy for your first war, with strong unity, tech, and navy. Also invade any primitives you see for extra slaves (just make sure you prebuild a your districts. Especially when invading primitives with 20+ pops).


Mid game: Should have a strong economy by this point and a bunch of alloys horded up. If you didn’t go to war earlier finish the supremacy tree and use the AP on Nihilistic Acquisition. Make as many ships as possible. DO NOT ATTACK YOUR NEIGHBORS. Use them as a border shield. Attack someone away from your borders and start raiding their heavily populated planets (again make sure you prebuild your districts). Also remember to set default species rights to population control. Workers come from raids, specialists come from pop growth.

Watch your basic resource production explode, letting you shift up your main species to be specialist to grow your tech worlds and ecumenopolis. Once your districts are filled start spamming fortresses so you can boost your naval cap to support your ever growing fleet. As your navy grows your raiding rate will also increase (more fleets, more planets to raid at once), allowing your economy to grow exponentially as you don’t have to wait for pop growth. With big enough fleets you can essentially steal an entire empire’s population in a single war (declare wars of subjugation for longer wars).

At this point you should be able to switch out merchant’s guild for Aristocratic Elite as the trade bonus should be negligible at this point. With pyscorps, two nobles, crime lord deal, deep space black site, and a Psionic governor, you can easily get 90-100% stability on all your planets despite them being stuffed with slaves. That’s an extra 30% productivity on all your planets. Miners guild is a good third civic as I notice minerals is usually in shortest supply in the late game.

Late game: You should be overwhelming to everyone at this point. The insane pop growth and slave income from raiding will allows you to do pretty crazy things. Like easily filling up all 4 segments of a ring world with slaves (1000 energy/1500 food PER SEGMENT – god forbid if this build gets the Sanctuary system), sustaining and filling 5-6 fully manned alloy ecumenopoleis, running every single ambition edict with unity to spare (through pure unity ecumenopoleis sustained by pure consumer goods ecumenopoleis), and hitting 3K plus fleet size (and still below fleet cap). Given how pop growth is the main source of power in 2.2, with gigantic raiding fleets raiding 7-8 planets at once in a war, I feel this build overpowers any other build in terms of economy.

That should be all for my build. Would love to hear if you guys had any suggestions to improve it. Maybe another ascension path? I typically go for Psionic to hit max stability so I can get max efficiency out of my planets and the most powerful possible ships.

Also open to hearing any other builds that you think are as good/better than this one. Would love to try them out for some variety.

I have left out some details in this guide/description (like how to rush an ecumenopolis or early rush another empire) So also feel free to ask if you need to clarify anything!

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