Wow, this game is awesome! First campaign story inside! Spoilers for a certain event too, I guess

stellaris 4 - Wow, this game is awesome! First campaign story inside! Spoilers for a certain event too, I guess

Bought stellaris at launch, started several campaigns over the years but never got more than 5 or 6 hours through one before I'd lose interest and play something else. Always followed this sub, and always wanted to play through a whole campaign, because I love sci-fi and I love the idea of the game. (I had fun playing, I just lose interest in most GS, 4x, strategy games after a while, I've got 600 hours played on total war: warhammer 2 and only ever finished 1 single campagin)

Yesterday, I decided I was going to do it right. I was going to make it through an entire campaign. I woke up at 8am, and played all day yesterday, had a strong game going. was 12 hours into my comapaign and having an absolute blast. I had conquered 2 nearby civs to the point of where they only had a quarter of their space left. During a stretch of peace, I found some mysterious L-gate insight tech, got a mission to find 7 more, spent years of in-game time doing it.

Find out that it lets me open some stargate. i open the stargate and out pours the harbingers of death and its armies that are 5 times stronger than mine and pretty much everyone elses in the game. they annihilate my first army that was in the gate system and proceed to leave, killing every system they touch. I think that I just ended my own game, as my I had 2 fleets with 5k firepower, and one of them just got nuked by the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. In a rare spark of genius, I remember that the two merc groups I met earlier told me that they would sell me mercenaries. I had 50k gold to spend, and realized I had a chance. We weren't going to go quietly into this good night, we were going to rage! rage against the dying of the light.


In the message that played when I opened the gate, the guy told me to kill some factory, so I had a plan. I hired all 3 armies from both mercs and added what leftovers I had, and flew them all at the gate closest to me. I didn't realize it, but one of the demon armies stood between me and the gate. I realized that about the same time that my caravan of killers-for-hire entered the last system before the gate. In my terror, I swapped over to watch. Instead of my army losing half of it's members, it annihilated the drone-devil army. This was going to work! I was going to be the savior of the galaxy! The path between me and the L-gate was clear, I just had to enter in and kill the factory, while the drone armies wrecked havoc on the world!

My army of heart-breakers and life-takers flew through the L-gate, ready to bring death to these machine dirtbags, victory staring them in the face, visions of riches and women all across the galaxy for the saviors of sapient life! As the foreign system loaded on the other side of the gate, our heroes found not one, but six droid armies on the other side of the gate, standing guard. I thought that they had all came through the gate, or at least only one would be left behind. The caravan was annihilated, and I knew that the end was here. I zoomed out of the galaxy map before I closed the game and saw that the entire universe was infected. Every empire had concerning gashes cut through it's space, where it used to exist.

10/10. I told my girlfriend about it and started a new game immediately after, this time playing as a megacorp. That was the most fun I'd had in a long time.

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