WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris

stellaris 2 - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris

First of all I'd like to thank PDX for hosting this event. OVER $9000 dollars ($9146 at last count) for the
www.savethechildren - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris charity. No matter what anyone says if anyone asks who won, the answer is the children.

Second I'd like to thank DJTruthSayer for organizing this event, coming up with the intersting format, and inviting WSC to participate!

Host/Organizer: DJTruthSayer


Note my sound was messed up, so you'll likely have to turn up your sound. Also ignore how giggly I am as I did this entire thing on almost no sleep. I'm a horrible streamer and promise to improve, should be easy enough.

Major Milestones

Format Description:


Introduction WSC Team:

Introduction Team Youtube (Stefan Annon):

Introduction Team Twitch (EnignaticRose):

Introduction Team Sovereignty:

Special Format Rules:

Midpoint Introductions:

Final Standings:

Team Summaries

Team WSC

Empire: The United Soviet Socialist Republic (I generally dislike real-world parallels but the meme was worthy)

Description: Bringing Peace to the Galaxy through ABSOLUTE equality.

Key Traits: Fanatic Egalitarian, Shared Burdens

Team Members: LegendOfChiang, MrFreake, Dr Jesus, Rae, Mememan, Automaton, eMouse, MaeltneMealtime

GOAL: End war by any means necessary; can gain no significant benefit from wars after year 50.

Stream: (1) (2)

Team Sovereignty

Empire: The Collective Sovereign States

Description: Science is the Way.

Key Traits: Fanatic Materialist, Technocracy

Team Members: Dark Insanities, battlekruiser, qwertyphant, thatdudeun0, SilasPT

GOAL: Acquire Tributaries

Stream: See Host stream.

Team Twitch**

Empire: Pillars of Pretentiousness

Description: Building great works and enjoying the lack of zoning laws in space

Key Traits: Fanatic Egalitarian, Slavery

Team Members: Midgeman, HorathDrak, OldManMordaith, EnigmaticRose4

GOAL: Build every mega structure

Streams: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

Team Youtube

Empire: Some Birbs are more Equal than Others

Description: Egalitarian Slaver bird people, some are more equal than others.

Key Traits: Fanatic Egalitarian, Slavery

Team Members: Poot, Darren, Stefan

GOAL: Free Tributaries; can gain no significant benefit from wars after year 50.

Streams: (1)

, (2)

PDX main streams:



PDX Cross over portions:

* Cross Over 1:

* Cross Over 2:

* Cross Over 3:

Space-UN Sessions, Votes, and Statements

2303 General Session on the subject of Matter Decompressors:

2305 Follow up statement by the USSR:

2307 Follow up statement by the Pillars of Pretentiousness:

2324 Statement regarding "The Socialist Network" by the USSR:

2325 Follow up statement by the Pillars of Pretentiousness:

2327 General Session deliberations on the matter of "The Socialist Network":

2336 General Session Vote on the matter of "The Socialist Network":


2377 Statement by the Birbs on the subject of Tributaries:

2378 Response by The Collective Sovereign States:

2381 Response by the USSR:

2436 Statement by the USSR on Peaceful Gateway Claims:

Notable Quotes: Maeltne – Your Safety is assured … 3 years from now. DJ – Really … Really … Really Good.

ClumsyFlaccidPanHumbleLife - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris DJ – Peace and Freedom to War!

ResoluteLuckyPotatoResidentSleeper - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris – There will be no forceful liberation. Maeltne – I'm Coming DJ – I'm Coming

KitschyVivaciousTrollPeoplesChamp - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris … attack back first …

OutstandingBombasticSproutMrDestructoid - WSC Report of the 24 hour Space Day Charity Stream of Stellaris WSC is Awesome! You're Welcome!

Chronology (from the perspective of WSC, which is absolutely completely unbiased)

**LegendOfChiang**: Years 2200-2263. Strong Early Game, created border gore before it was cool.

* Tributized "The Pretty" since as a hive ming they could not join us in equality.

* Brought the capital of the poorly name "United Nations" into true unity, and gave their border worlds the honor of contributing to equality.

* Gracefully allowed aptly "The Helpful Hydras" to help bring equality to the Galaxy.

* Ended the galactic threat to peace and prosperity known as Model M-16

* Gave EVERYONE Utopian Abundance (why not Shared Burdens?!)

* Finished with the highest eco, fleet, and pops.

**MrFreake**: Years 2264-2305

* Humiliates The Collective Sovereign States for their warlike ways.

* Pioneers the concept of creating Demilitarized zones between waring empires by taking a border system between Fake Birbs and The Collective Sovereign States.

* Finished with Eco and Pops in second, but with the strongest fleet (by a significant margin).

**Dr Jesus** Years 2305-2353

* Does hardcore economy to recover from a death spiral left by MrFreake.

* Sneaks in a profitable war with permission, against a hearby hive.

* Breaks the meme by removing Shared Burdens.

* Arranges a UN vote to allow us to preemptively bring peace by attacking "The Socialist Network". Thought by all to be a failed vote; but we call on the UN chairman (ASpec) to break the tie and it passes!

* Despite voting against our quest for galactic peace Darren/Birbs try to cash in on our costly efforts.

* Hatches a cunning plan to Provoke Darren/Birbs into a "mutual" aggressive war against The Social Network; which we will immediate invoke our aggressive war mandate against Darren/Birbs. But … an AI randomly closes borders and ruins the plan.

* Clear the galaxy of the threat of Marauders.

* Despite ending second in eco/pops on points, the economy is strong and specialized enough to support a fleet 6x the size on the next closest.

**Rae** Years 2353-2374

* Responds to "The Socialist Network" aggressive war with "The Swarm" by declaring on them.

* Initiates the creation of the largest DMZ in the galaxy containing "The Socialist Network"

* Ends with the highest economy by far, the biggest fleet, and a close second on pops.

**Mememan** Years 2274-2399

* Completes the largest DMZ containing "The Socialist Network"

* Has a seizure trying it maintain 20 planets.

* Receives and ignores a SP-UN statement from Stefan/Birbs to release tributaries.

* Hears and endorses an SP-UN statement from Qwerty/The Collective Sovereignty.

* The USSR makes a SP-UN statement of some potential reasonable limitations on self-determination.

* Effectively uses the DMZ to close borders at an opportune moment to completely prevent the waging of war.

* Punishes "The Syndicate" for being the aggressor in war.

* Ends with eco in second, the second most pops and the largest fleet.

**Automaton** Years 2399-2427

* Attempted to stop a war; but are prevented by Stefan/Birb as he valued freedom from taxes over the horrors of war.

* Got us back on top of the Eco, fleet and population charts.

**eMouse** Years 2427-2454

* Connects many of our separate areas with a gatewap network.

* Plugs some leaks (wormholes) that "The Socialist Network" was still using to wage war.

* Heroically juggles economy into a drastic crash.

* Initiates a bidding war for one of our tributaries, ends up going to the "The Collective Sovereign States" for 20k each of Energy, Minerals, Food, Consumer Goods.

**MaeltneMealtime** Years 2454-2483

* Continues to boost the economy.

* The Holy Guardians Saathid Protectors wanton agression against the galaxy is met with a forceful response.

* The aggression of the Lavis Mediators is also checked; but we begin to wonder if the Birbs might be deserving of the aggression they are facing.

* Liberates a Dyson Sphere from the Lavis Mediators that they had just taken from the Birbs.

* Accidently declares on the real birbs while saving the United Human Commissariat from the fake birbs.

* Surround the United Human Commissariat in an emcompassing and safe hug.

* Returns Dyson Sphere to Stephan/Birbs in the name of peace, after filling my energy store 😉

* Crisis Spawns

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