[Xbox] Tall run viable? Tall run help, strategy and tips.

stellaris 3 - [Xbox] Tall run viable? Tall run help, strategy and tips.

Ok, so my questions are, with the current version of Stellaris on console, is a tall/one planet stat viable?

I'm looking to most likely play a one planet strat for the vast majority of the game, relying on outposts and only expanding to other planets in the mid to late game once I've got a ton of traditions and technologies. As far as traits go, I'm probably gonna go for Intelligent for the tech and Charismatic for more allies, federations and in general less aggression from highly militaristic/highly spiritual/highly authoritarian and highly xenophobic empires (more on that when I discuss my ethics, in short, these guys won't like me without Charismatic and Xenophile), also I'm thinking since I'm not gonna be moving from my planet for a while, I might go for sedentary and possibly non adaptive (though I'm not sure about that one as it might prevent me from getting migratory treaties, which I want). That being said, once in the late game and I have the gene tech, both sedentary and non adaptive are getting removed, anyways, with those two negative traits, I think I have some room for more traits though I'm not sure which to take, perhaps another tech trait, such as one of the natural traits? Any advice/suggestions would be welcome.


Ok moving on to Ethics, I'm gonna be going for Xenophilic for more allies/federations and less aggression/enemies. I'm gonna be going Maerialist for the tech boost and the mechs which I will upgrade to Synths and give full rights. And finally I shall be going for Egalitarian, both for the faction influence gain, which considering we're gonna be relying almost exclusively on outposts, will be important and for the civics it'll give me access to.

Speaking of civics, I'm gonna be going for Beacon of Liberty for the 15% monthly unity which will help me maximize my tradition gains and I'm also gonna be going for Parliamentary System for the further 25% factions influence gain, hopefully keeping my influence at a decent net gain even through all my outposts (this will be aided by the right side of the expansion tree which focuses on outposts, the left side will be ignored till much later on).

Anyways, there you have it, this is the foundation for my one planet, tall as hell strat. I understand that the tall strat doesn't exactly become truly viable till Utopia, but here's hoping that using this will help make it viable.

Read through this please and if you have any changes, suggestions or advice, all would be welcome. Also, for those that might suggest it, I know Agraryan Idyll and Inward Perfection would be another viable route for this, but I'm looking to play more along the lines of Galactic Federation/Galactic Republic as opposed to Imperium of Man Exterminatus Totalis.

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