Xenophobic Fallen Empires do not tolerate “Galactic Peace”

stellaris 5 - Xenophobic Fallen Empires do not tolerate "Galactic Peace"

For some reason I felt the need to post this old story from 2.1 on how my galaxy went from peaceful utopia to 90% of all habitable planets being cracked. (Please bear with me its a bit long, this is my first post and although English is my first language I suck at it)

My tiny little empire was a fanatic xenophile egalitarian, and aside from a containment war to kill some fanatic purifier space gecko's all was peaceful. It slowly expanded (through peaceful means) and became pretty big by around 2400, covering about 1/4 of the galaxy, however my fleet power was still around 10k since my people didn't like to go to war, and the only people who didn't like me were a fallen xenophobe empire and (The arch-nemesis in all my games) Swarm- You guessed it a Devouring Swarm. Neither of which were near me so no real problems there.

So out of 16 empires only 2 hated me. That's not to say there were no rivalries and insults thrown around, it's just that my empire was good friends with everyone. Hence why my fleet was so tiny (who needs a fleet when your with friends right?)

Another more interesting reason is that there weren't really any wars…. at all agressiveness was set at high but even the fucking swarm was behaving itself, good times right?


Apparently the xenophobe fallen empire was outraged at the concept of 'galactic peace' and decided to start a war in heaven. Since all my friends had chosen different sides (and my fleet power was only 10k compared to 500k of the awakened Xeophobes) I decided to remain completely neutral.
The war had been going on for about 50 years before the xenophobes slowly started to gain the upper hand and one by one they cracked each of their enemies planets, apparently they couldn't be bothered to invade I guess. Don't want to breath in that disgusting xeno air after all

Over the next 50 years the Awakened Xenophiles were slowly wiped out.

This left my empire in a galaxy with an awakened xenophobe empire, a devouring swarm, two determined exterminators (Machine uprising from the friends who sided with the xenophobe) and a Driven Assimilator (Tebrid Homolog) But they were actually the only friend of mine which survived. Yay


Pretty bad right? But it can only go up from there!

If you are thinking that you clearly haven't played this game long enough. At this point the prethoryn decided to pop in for a visit. Now at this point the galaxy ususally bands together and at a great cost manages to drive them out, unfortunately it was on the other side of the galaxy from the main chunk of my empire and everyone else wanted everyone else dead.

At this point I had a sizable armada (around 1.2 mil) The other 2 superpowers, Swarm and Xenophobes had about the same, so we reluctantly pooled our power and destroyed the prethoryn! The end happily ever after. What definitely didn't happen was that it evolved into a 4 way war which resulted in more planet cracking ending in a 1v1 between me and the prethoryn.

At this point my fleet was just about strong enough to keep my empire safe and although I tried my best to help they slowly destroyed the Tebrid) At this point I decided to use my own colossus (I had it built about midway through the war in heaven), and seeing how totally Fucked I was I did what is arguably the most horrific thing ever. One by one I adjusted all my planets ensuring they all had ample Energy, Food and Mineral Production as well as Multiple science buildings before sealing each one with the global pacifier.

As soon as this task was completed my fleets left the galaxy never to be seen again. The only solace of my empire is that the vast majority of my citizens were saved and are able to live peaceful lives under the protection of the shields .

TLDR: A war in heaven ruins my utopian galaxy and then the prethoryn decide to join the fun leading to me global pacifying my own planets in order to save them.

Note: I lost as soon as the last planet was shielded as my ringworlds had been evacuated, however I'll be dammed if the Brave men and women of my empires fleets died against the prethoryn!

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