Yo. What did i miss in mehanics?

stellaris 4 - Yo. What did i miss in mehanics?

So, here be me, silly technocracy who started with materialist/militarist and them 8 free robots.
year two, i invaded primitives cus that was the sole habitable planet anywhere near since i turned primitives up and habitables way down. Captain fdiff.
I went autistically unity focus to spam out exploration and expansion and then swapped to pure alloys when expansion stopped due to borders meeting.
My neighbors were *naturally* two militarist empires who for some hecking reason had instantly -100 rep due to "wrong authority bro". Fair, but cancer, i tech up to be superior and have better fleet , higher cap and 3 x 1.5+ forts between me and the other enemy empire i aggravated by spamming insults and making claims up to a pulsar for that sweet chokepoint. (The other one stole a 20size 80% habitable but that was just icing and i was gonna get back to it later, they got a ensurance of independence to keep em off me for a hot minute)
So the one i aggravated decs me and is instantly wooshed off the battlefield due to running into my maxcap fleets and that fort. Unknown to me, since i was like "that's done then" when his 600 fleetpower rams into my 700 fleet and 1.5+ fort, my fleet got teleported to "we dunno boss" space due to "losing the combat".
Right, okay, the fuck mate, how does that even happen. Three times the firepower loses to the point it needs to teleport to nowhere since "oh no we got shot".
That's gross, and probably due to me not understanding to elect to use "no retreat" which i assumed was default. Cancerous, but fair.


I am still behind 5 proxies which three of are constantly being upgraded +1.5 starholds.

Here comes the fuck. Enemy just skates a 500 fleetpower and 300 army past all that, never engaging ANY of my HANGAR EQUIPPED (how the fuck is range not infinite inside the solar system what the fuuck) forts, he literally just ignored em, skated the outskirts of the solar systems, war exhausts me with pew pewing some irrelevant claimers middle of bumblefuck WHEN IT HAS LOST all the fleet combat it has engaged in, lands in my home system, drops the armies and then wins against my defensive fleet that got lost TWICE on the way to my home system due to what I assume is "line of sight" issues with less fleetpower.

Is this what I have to expect from this game when it comes to war or did I just get perfect stormed?
Or am I just too dumb to understand how war works in any capacity?

Cus last time I fought I slammed my guys into their guys and then we fought but this guy just skated past all that and moved to "i win" phase.

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