Your favourite stellaris moment?

stellaris 1 - Your favourite stellaris moment?

Today I was thinking a littlebit about old stellaris play throughs, and one came to my mind which I still remember, my favourite play through. I would like to hear what was everyones favourite stellairs moment or playthrough?

I'll make the start:

So this was shortly after the Leviathans DLC. me and my friend palyed a multiplayer match. I did basically play a democratic technocracy kinda empire, and my friend played more a war driven empire. Things were going pretty well, aside from my friend having an isolationistic fallen empire right next to him, which forced him to sacrifice his scientists all the time. I was able to conquer the bottom center galaxy completely, and soon was the biggest empire in the galaxy. Then our first War in Heaven event was triggered. As both fallen empires approached us to join them my friend and I decided to just stay away from the conflict.

The second chapter of this story continues when war was about to break out, and I got the message that people all around the galaxy wanted me to lead the alliance of the free nations, since I was still the bigegst non Fallen Empire empire in the galaxy, and my friend and I, we decided it would be best to stand together with various nations to be more safe. Oh how wrong I was, if I would have known that this would drag us directly into the conflict I might have chosen not to lead the free nations.

The first falle nempire was the one next to my friend, the fallen empire and their vassals mostly took the left side of the galaxy. THe other fallen empire and their vassals were on the right side of the galaxy. And the rest of us, the free nations, basically took the center of the galaxy. YOu probably can see already what might be the problem here, we were in between the two fallen empires. We knew in case of war we ould have to fend off both fallen empires and their vassals, and they would rarely fight each other.


They declared war on each other and were waging war on each other, until it happened. they declared war on us, both. They staretd attacking right away, and I realized my entire fleet was just enough to compete with one fallen empire fleet regarding the military power. And since it was not a fleet specialized in fighting the fallen empire it was basically too weak to even fight one of their fleets.

We were about to give up until we realized that we could actually just take their vassals systems and gain war score. So we turned the whole war in heaven into a massive guerilla warfare operation. We would attack their vassals territorie, move away from their fleets, and gather as much intel was we could. After just a few years, the left side surrendered. We did it!
Since we did build up our fleets during the past years, rarely using anything due to the guerilla tactics, we actually werer strong enough to take on the second fallen empire in a way more aggresive way. And with combined forces, just a few months later, we were able to win our first battle against an fallen empire fleet. We actually managed to capture some of the fallen empire territorie, and even though many men and women lost their lifes during the war in heaven, even though so many people had to suffer, the free nations of the galaxy did celebrate their victory, andtheir freedom.

A few years later the endgame crysis spawned, but after the war in heaven the endgame crysis was a joke.

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