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Hello everyone!

I'm a huge fan of astrology (not that I believe in it, but I like all the lore that you can base on it, the history, the mythology and so one…) and I thought of myself: what would Zodiac sign in Stellaris would look like as empire?

So, I thought about it and there is my guess. Feel free to criticize or to approve! It's just for fun (I have too much time…)

NB: the name of the empire is not based upon the sign, but upon the brightest star of the constellation (for example, the brightest star of the Aries constellation is Hamal, so the empire is the Attacking League of Hamal).

NB2: I’m not a professional astrologist (for God’s sake), so what I wrote about zodiac signs are just what I learned on the internet. Don’t feel offended by anything.

Aries: The Attacking League of Hamal (ruler: the Consul)

Aries is the first sign and the sign of war by excellence. They are quick, impetuous, but are not bad. They just want fun, but their definition of fun is… quite brutal.

Ethics: Fanatic Militarist, Egalitarian

Authority: Oligarchic

Civics: Warrior Culture, Citizen Service

Taurus: The Noble Republic of Aldebaran (ruler: The Duke)

Taurus is the sign that love aesthetic and beauty most than any other. They are a sign of refinement, but also of earth and fertility. But they are attached to their way of life and hate change more than any other sign too.

Ethics: Xenophobe, Materialist, Pacifist.

Authority: Oligarchic

Civics: Aristocratic Elite, Life-Seeded

Gemini: The Academic Union of Pollux (ruler: The Vice-Chancellor)

Gemini is a sign of change and curiosity. They really like knowledge and nothing make them happier than learning new things, but are a sign of quick and profound duality.

Ethics: Materialist, Xenophile, Egalitarian

Authority: Democratic

Civics: Syncretic Evolution, Technocracy

Cancer: The Serene Matriarchy of Tarf (ruler: The Queen Mother)

Cancer are the sign of maternity. They want to be left alone in their home, by the fire, in their dreams, sleeping and chilling without having to worrying about anything else. The sign of tranquillity and peace, and they are willing to any sacrifice to maintain their comfort.

Ethics: Fanatic Pacifist, Xenophobe

Authority: Imperial

Civics: Police State, Inward Perfection

Leo: The High Empire of Regulus (ruler: The High Empress)

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The king of signs, Leo is the one for people wanting to be remarked, to be known. Nothing matter more to them than being famous and in the spotlight, but they made incredible leaders and rulers. But being a ruler means nothing if you do not have inferiors to look from above.

Ethics: Fanatic Authoritarian, Spiritualist

Authority: Imperial

Civics: Imperial Cult, Slaver Guilds

Virgo: The Ecumenical Republic of Spica (leader: The Lady Coordinator)

Virgo might appear as a contradictory sign, because they love organization, administration and order, but they are also simple people linked to fields and harvest. But what they crave most is helping others. Everyone and everything are welcome here.

Ethics: Fanatic Xenophile, Pacifist

Authority: Oligarchic

Civics: Byzantine Bureaucracy, Agrarian Idyll


Libra: The Parliamentary Confederacy of Zubeneschamali (ruler: The First Ambassador)

Libra is the sign of diplomacy, compromise, consensus… but behind that, they are the most manipulative sign, ready to force you to do anything under a large layer of diplomacy and butter. Never trust a Libra, unless you’re sure you work in your own interest.

Ethics: Fanatic Egalitarian, Xenophile

Authority: Democratic

Civics: Parliamentary System, Cutthroat Politics

Scorpio: The Hermetic Collusion of Antares (ruler: The Master of Secrets)

Scorpio are distrustful (but not as much as Libra), but because they hide a lot of things. They are the sign of secrets, death (and, coincidentally, sexual prowess). Like Aries, they are the sign of war, but secret war. Where Aries are fighters, Scorpio are spies.

Ethics: Militarist, Authoritarian, Xenophile.

Authority: Dictatorial

Civics: Post-Apocalyptic, Shadow Council

Sagittarius: The Holy Brotherhood of Kaus Australis (ruler: The Prime Admiral)

Like Aries, Sagittarius like to brawl and, like them, they do it for fun. But Sagittarius are also the sign of travellers, adventurers, missionaries, spiritual seekers and rangers.

Ethics: Spiritualist, Militarist, Xenophile

Authority: Democratic

Civics: Meritocracy, Distinguished Admiralty

Capricornus: The Rational Despotate of Deneb Algedi (ruler: The Arch-Overseer)

Capricornus is the sign of stability, ambition, secrets, past, hidden knowledge. They dislike everyone, even themselves, and are focused on their project that can be grandiose. They are the sign of mountains, and of building things atop of them.

Ethics: Fanatic Xenophobe, Authoritarian

Authority: Dictatorial

Civics: Functional Architecture, Mining Guilds

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Aquarius: The Ingenious Monarchy of Sadalsuud (ruler: The High Mechanician)

Like Gemini they value knowledge above all things, but they are less eager to contest the system if it works. But if the power is distrusted, they are more likely to change, but they are open to a lot of things. But more than global knowledge, they are the sign of technological and scientific advance.

Ethics: Fanatic Materialist, Xenophile

Authority: Imperial

Civics: Philosopher King, Mechanist

Pisces: The Hallowed See of Alpherg (ruler: the Precentoress)

Pisces is, more the Leo or Sagittarius, the spiritualist sign. They are mystics, bound to dreams and esoterism, seeking a deep connection with nature and with hermetic forces.

Ethics: Fanatic Spiritualist, Xenophile

Authority: Dictatorial

Civics: Exalted Priesthood, Environmentalist

Ophiuchus: The Merchant Theocracy of Rasalhague (ruler: The Revered Accountant)

Ophiuchus, the 13th sign, is often linked to wisdom but also financial prowess and interest. They are also link to the dead, but more on the reincarnation side. Sign of life, of medicine, of long life and comfortable bank account, ready to accept anyone to provide free healthcare.

Ethics: Spiritualist, Egalitarian, Xenophile

Authority: Democratic

Civics: Merchant Guilds, Free Haven

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