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❄️ Frozen Device ❄️ VS 🔥 Unrelenting Grip 🔥 VS 🏹 Silver Leash 🏹

TheElderScrolls8 - ❄️ Frozen Device ❄️ VS 🔥 Unrelenting Grip 🔥 VS 🏹 Silver Leash 🏹

In this post I want to go over the most common stacking tools for tanks and also compare them.


1) 4 man content only. I won’t gonna write about something I don’t know (which is trials).

2) I’m a little biased because a main a Warden tank.

3) I’ve never played a DK and never used its chain.

Silver Leash

Ok, before we go to the spiciest part I’m gonna say that Silver Leash sucks. If you’re playing Warden or DK of course. In other cases it’s pretty useful, because it’s the most reliable stacking tool which is controlled by you (Beckoning Armor and Monster sets are ok, but not as reliable).

Frozen Device

If you’re playing a Warden you really don’t have any excuse not to use Frozen Device. Except that it’s “clunky”. But please don’t use Silver Leash.

When I was starting tanking on a Warden I was using Silver Leash all the time. However not so long ago after watching one YT vid I decided that I’m gonna learn to use Frozen Device no matter how strange it feels. And you know what? Not only I learned how to use it properly in no time I also really liked that skill and I won’t come back to Silver Leash on my Warden.

For all you Wardens out there, just give it a chance and I promise you, you won’t regret it! Yes, it may take some time to get used to, but it’s really worth it.

And here’s why. Now I’m gonna compare it to Unrelentig Grip so you can see it’s values. DK tanks, I’m not saying FD is better than UG (although I really want to XD) so please don’t burn me in the comments with your DK flame. Like I said, I haven’t used UG, so it will be unfair to say that FD is better.

Frozen Device (FD) and Unrelenting Grip (UG) pros and cons:

  • FD – costs 2970 mag | UG – costs 3628 mag
  • FD – 28m range, 5m radius | UG – 22m range
  • FD – last 30s, you can arm 3 portals at a time | UG – just a chain
  • FD – arms after 1.5 seconds | UG – instant
  • FD – can pre-chain | UG – can’t pre-chain
  • FD – enemy immobilized for 3 sec; dealing 646 Frost damage; applies Minor Maim (reducing enemies damage done by 30% for 4 seconds) | UG – 567 Flame damage; grant you Minor Expedition (increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 4 seconds); attack cannot be dodged or reflected; restore mag if the target cannot be pulled.


Frozen Device:

  • Increase the chance of applying Chilled to enemies with Winter's Embrace abilities by 200%.
  • Increase your Physical and Spell Resistance by 500 for each Winter's Embrace ability slotted.
  • Increase your Magic and Frost Damage by 10%.

Unrelenting Grip:

  • Damaging enemies with Ardent Flame abilities also reduces their movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.


Both FD and UG are great but I PERSONALLY think that FD pros are outweighs UG pros because of: Minor Main, pre-chaining, 3 portals at a time and immobilization, bigger range + radius, costs less mag + decent passives. However UG pros are nice too: instant chain and Minor Expedition.

The biggest issue with Frozen Device is that it’s not instant and it’s ground ability so the majority of players decided that it’s garbage. Nefas even haven’t mentioned FD in his stacking guide.

I think that, yes, maybe it can be annoying, especially if you’re used to DK chain and Silver Leash, but I highly suggest you learning to use Frozen Device because it’s really amazing skill and it will provide a lot of bonus group support comparing to at least Silver Leash because of Minor Maim and all of the pros I mentioned. Plus when you get used to FD it will be so much fun to use it even visually and aesthetically, so you’ll never want to come back to Silver Leash, I guarantee it.

Thanks for reading.

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