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20 es6 ideas

TheElderScrolls6 - 20 es6 ideas
  1. You have to eat, but your character automatically eats and drinks 4 or 5 times a day in downtime like when your standing there. You just need to have food in your inventory. If you get low you automatically ration your meals.
  2. You grow hair and beards and need hair cuts and shaves. You can also use hats and hair ties. Theres a barber or you use your sword. Your hair randomly turns grey after a random number of years.
  3. There are social events at places like festivals, bars, and theaters. Bars have bar stools and stages with live music, comedians, poets, performers. You have to buy tickets to theaters or sneak in. You can of course learn to play an instrument or tell a joke. More people come based on a performers ability and renown.
  4. Weight and cumbersome limits are natural. You can carry more at first, but need brakes to carry really heavy stuff. Magicly low weight armor and magic bags let you carry more. Carrying a lot though builds your strength and you look stronger too.
  5. Magic is the only unrealistic thing, but it lets you do all the standard stuff that makes the game more fun. Within magics unreal nature, it have realistic effects like fire spells causing clothes to burn away and skin to be charred. Magic missiles would stick into monsters. And healing spells would reverse visible damage like wolverine.
  6. Fast travel would use a spell or magic item. Otherwise you could set a destination and go through your inventory or journal as you walk, or just take in the scenery.
  7. You would have to sleep at least occasionally, but it wouldnt have to be in a bed, and there could be special abilities, potions, or spells to extend the time awake.
  8. Various potions, drinks, and spells, could give you visual and balance effects. Alcohol could not only slurr your speech and open up sloppier dialogue, but also make you sway or fall over when you walk. A small amount would make you more courageous as shown by enemies being more fearful. Cafeeine would keep you more awake and make enemies pop out more, and give you more dialogue options. Certains mushrooms would make things more colorful.
  9. There would be a dialogue option based on your class. You might say lets blast through this problem as a fighter, but lets trick them into coming out then attacking if your a mage or lets doublecross the person were supposed to be helping if your a thief. A dialogue option could also be based on race sometimes.
  10. The landscape would be dynamic. Living things would grow and die, and their seeds and babies would grow up to replace them. There would be families of wild boars and only the fully grown ones will kill you. If you kill off the local baby boars, then some other animal would fill the space. Animals would eat plants and other animals regularly to survive. Plants would spread seeds through birds and wind. Rocks would wear away from wind, rain, streams, and ice. Seasons would exist, but weather would change.
  11. Body temperature would be effected by weather and clothes, but if you move fast you could stay warm. Likewise you could strip down in hot weather, but would have higher weight limits. Race effects would be most important here. Also, race effects would affect breathing at high altitudes and underwater. But you could use spells or magic items for this.
  12. As you gain wealth you have access to higher social classes and related quests, thereby having higher level quests for higher levsl players. Lower class quests would include having to round up some locals for a get together, and invite everyone, and get the booze, make a poster, announce at the town hall, etc. so the local sheriff can catch a couple bad guys. Later you might do a similiar quest ona noble level. You would have to put on the event by booking the venue, getting a mozart type character to perform. Go to a print shop to have invitations made. Order a special costume. Then of course your trying to lure a noble character who is really a high level demon.
  13. Dwermers would have a wider variety of inventions. There would be radios, telescopes, phonographs, player pianos and other 1800-1900s era things. There may even be a few railroad lines and flying routes since there would be no nonmagic fast travel.
  14. Things would wear, but at realistic rates. Steel swords would last like magic swords, but leather could wear out and look worn out after a year of heavy use. It could be repaired too.
  15. Conversations wouldn't repeat. Someone wouldn't say hi if you just talked to them. They would repeat a line, but first say i already said this but… They wpuld also branch off and could only go one way or the other in some cases. If you say you dont like fighting a good character wouldnt tell you about the local bandit problem, but would instead talk about a problem with an out of control local magician. If he doesnt like you, he would talk about the bandit problem just because you dont like fighting. Npcs without dialogue could change their one liners based on time, day, and season, but theyd only say good morning once a morning or my its warm out once a week in the summer. They would have natural small talk.
  16. There would be lots of local star characters who wouldnt necesarrily be quest givers, but they often would. There would be the best blacksmith in the city who invented a new type of steel, which ends up being cheeper, but just as good. A local artist runs a gallery with new paintings that replace what is sold. On the monthly nightlife event people fill his gallery. Art students come there. You see the painting a noble bought get carried to his mansion. The noble is trying to build a castle but ran out of funds. Hes trying to get a spice shipment going to pay for it, and if you resolve this quest that blacksmith comes into ths half finished castle to hammer some gate. He says hi, funny seeing you here. There are a lot of varieties of stock phrases so they dont get stale, but the same characters can use the same ones. Characters can learn new phrases from each other. Also in the castle you see the stonemason, the brick makers, the diggers. The castle makes real progress over time based on the workers. Each worker has a house and family and amount of money earned and spent.
  17. The economy is a balance of supply and demand. The game starts with less items and gold as a whole in cities and towns. You influx of treasure from dungeons and caves pours gives people more gold to spend but prices go up. If you clear a bandit camp that allows merchants to get through prices on goods they trade go down. You get better prices the closer you go to the source, but sometimes you have to buy in bulk. If you clear monsters from a farmtown the things they grow become more abundant and therefor cheaper. The crops are effected by seasons. Magic item supply is affected by available resources and magicians to make them. Some magicians can conjure various things, but they need food, energy, time, and also special items.
  18. Monsters may level match like skyrim, but its based more on evolution and migration. The initial areas are boring creatures like wolves and dogs, but if any survive the next generation are stronger. If you kill them off mountain lions and bears come in to replace them. Fantasy type monsters are found in their natural habitat. Goblins have goblin huts and barricades. The level match by increasing their level just like you. They figgt each other kill wildlife for food and work on their skills. As they get more money they buy better weapons and armor. Every monster camp has enough characters and livestock to be sustainable. There may be a goblin who does blacksmithing but also is a carpenter, hunter, and miner. The farmer goblins also make beer and pudding. The warlock goblin not only reincarnates dead goblins but also makes healing potions casts lighting spells that shoot down from the sky and is really good at hiding. His disciple usually escapes and reincarnates the whole tribe after you leave. Or maybe he was just out collecting herbs for more potion spells.
  19. The number of monsters and wildlife can vary based on the foodchain, but be limited by the engine. There could be dragons or something similar sized, but they are few and far between because they eat like elephants and need a lot of deer to survive. There could be 50 deer in a group if the 64 bit engine allows it. One bit per active thing? Trees would actually bounce of you because the tree would be built using fractals. You sould interact with the total number of bits available so maybe five or six levels of branches could bend as you brush past, but it could go higher if theres no dragon or 50 deer in your field of vision. The seerwould eat the leavea and the dragon would eat the deer. The tree heights would be based on fractals like real forests and so would the deer sizes.
  20. Things would expand and change. That castle would get built. Then the bandits would be gone, but a nearby noble might lay seige. The first noble might dig a mine to get iron and copper and tin. The mine tunnels would get longer and the available metal would be deeper. Eventually the mine would close and another would open. The new one would flood the market with cheap metal and may even close if you sell too much of the metal to the local blacksmith. Trees wpuld get bigger. Roads would be built and expanded. Mercenaries would be hired to protect the roads. Then they would be fired if theres no bandits for too long, but then they turn into the bandits and even build there own fort eventually. A local crazy magician might summon up an army of magic creatures and conjure a whole tower. The dragon destroys it and takes his treasure away to her mountain nest. If you dont kill the eggs they grow into dragons in a couple years.
  21. (Bonus 1). Graphics wise, the game is rendered in ray tracing. This frees up the game makers to focus on the above instead of making a stone surface look like a stone. By the time the game is ready there should be ray tracing consoles, if not they could just ray trace out of real time for the console game version. The ray gracing gpus will only get faster and cheaper.
  22. (Bonus 2). The scale should be big and tight. The cities should feel as big as a real medivial city. They should model after real cities. It doesnt have to be 1 to 1 exactly. The forests, plains, deserts, lakes, and mountains should dense, or wide, or tall, but dense with things within. Huge mine goes through a mountain and comes out the other side. The desert is filled with egyption type ruins. Theres trails through the mountains, and forest with bandit, town, and monster camp locations based on economics and protectiveness. Anything build on plains would be along roads or built on a hill. Every location would need a source of water, even if its just magical.
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