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TheElderScrolls3 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

We all tend to play games for ridiculous amount of hours, sometimes on the verge of risking health.

I've been asking myself – why we do this? Do we really enjoy the game after so many hours? Or it feels more like a job, after the game tamed our minds?

To answer that question, I've decided to go all out with a challenge to play 24 hours ESO.

The rules are simple: The marathon starts on 5:00 pm. And hope to make it until the 5 pm of tomorrow. I'm allowed to switch character every 8 hours, to keep things refreshing. And of course getting water and other unneeded real life consumables.

I told my online friends to support me morally and others to get me potions, food and other consumables or crafting materials needed for the job. Then I started to write in my journal.

4:40 pm: Logging abit earlier, to configure some of my addons and make sure everything ready to go. Meet my alt, a young level 43 high elf sorcerer, do a nice /wave to everyone!

f8bm795kg7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

He's just shy

5:00 pm: Ready to roll! Knacking fingers, feel great, asking myself how I would feel in 24 hours and glad I didn't pick an FPS game like CS:GO.

5:32pm: The art of questing is just an art, knowing how to be efficient large number of quests is something that not every mmo player can be proud of.

6:14pm: Just finished recruiting the orc leaders. I couldn't not to think that the orcs look just like elves with sharp teeth. Not much of a classic orc.

7:02pm: Just met a friend, and we went to Nikolvara's Kennel for some fishing. Just so you know guys, this cave is excellent for fishing! Lots of fishing pools!

c4nmus5pf7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

Don't mind the fire

7:27pm: Guys, i'm not joking, fishing is really fun. I got 2 perfect roe so far! Seem to have a lucky day! My friend couldn't say the same hehe. But that's enough fishing for now. I have plenty of time to do it and I'm getting abit sleepy for clicking the bait for almost half an hour.

0hxwpicef7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

Just fishin' around with chill folks

8:49pm: Am I the only one who taking screenshots every 5 freaking steps?

10p42tbse7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

Not from today, but hell could you skip this wondrous place without hit the hell out of "Print Screen"?

9:30pm: I just stopped everything for a moment to read some lore books and some bookshelves I came across about the dwemer ("Librarian Addon" for anyone who likes to read. If you click on a bookshelf, it will store the bookshelf content if you wish to read it later). If you ask me, they have a fascinating history equivalent to Night elves in WoW. except that.. The night elves didn't disappear, but the world is filled with their city ruins and ancient secrets. The elder scrolls lore have an unending depths. Love it!

10:14pm: jeez, only 5 hours and I'm already eating some of the snacks. Come on, wait a little more you weakling skeever!

11:13pm: Is my character actually feels terrified when standing against a world boss? Ok, I'm alone for too long.


11:43pm: Yessss! Friend invited me to Cyrodill, that's surely gonna pump me up and burn a good chunk of time!

12:30am: The battles are amazingly fun and immersive. just watching the chaos in front of the gates is enough to /yell "FOR GONDOR!" like that dude in the group.

my friend managed to get about 20 awesome and friendly players in the group. We are having a blast! OMG if that amount of fun will keep up like that, I'm good!

umkgw2u4e7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

Epicness in Cyrodill

01:39pm: when we started we had a few keeps, now we are controlling most of Cyrodill and we got 2 elder scrolls! For The Aldmeri Dominion!

1:32pm: WE GOT AN EMPEROR! Congratz for him, jeez I have long way to go until then.

1:52am: We died at the Warden keep too many times, the group started to disband as it was late and actually I felt relieved. It was fun as hell, but I wanted to do something else.

2:43am: More and more quests. I'm simply shocked to see there are still many players around in the cities. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Go to sleep!

3:23am: Time for crafting! Already did the daily writs, but my inventory needs some deconstruct and some more potions. Cyrodil did some damage to my potion stacks.

4:37am: It popped in my head that I can switch character, but I don't really want to.

5:13am: I've began to notice I have spelling mistakes (I mean more than usual lol, forgot to mention my English is not perfect). Need to wake up, lets roll on some dungeons!

6:02am: Love ESO dungeons! Just got my "Ruin" staff and few set pieces. Also got nice amount of provision materials and the group leader traded me 20 blue type of food! Awesome group!

3grmtxzde7r21 - 24 Hours ESO MARATHON!

Get a medal for the designers.

7:53am: I began to feel my eyes are closing on their own and I could swear I had a small nap during a turn in quest.

8:40am: Where is my goddamn bed good night all.

3:57am: I woke up disappointed that I couldn't complete the challenge. I logged in and played for additional 5 hours on my sorcerer before switching to my nightblade.

Ok, I've been playing too much, time for a small break…

One of the things I've learned is ESO has one of the friendliest communities ever. Sure some of you will say otherwise, but compared to other games like LoL,CS:GO, battle royal games or even WoW, they don't stand a chance against ESO.

In addition, the pvp is freaking BLAST! I do like fast paced battles like battlegrounds, but I never tend to try big pvp maps since GW2 because I never could get the hang of it.

ESO couldn't prove me more how wrong I am! Cyrodill battles are fun, intense, brutal and you can't just blindly storm a citadel. Get your army, siege weapons, kill the guards and hold the line when the defending players marching out of the gate!

I do however recommending that you will find a group ASAP when going into Cyrodill, or you'll get bored very quickly.

Maybe I'll do more ESO journalism in the future. Until then, see you in Tamriel!

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