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4 casual tips for Beginners

TheElderScrolls8 - 4 casual tips for Beginners

So, I've noticed a lot of new players are getting involved in ESO and I even managed to pull some of my friends back into Tamriel. This is an exciting time to get involved with the game as "the season" is on. There's a lot of new player guides already available for you but I want to just throw these 4 tips out here. Take what you need, these are all optional steps that helped me get used to the game.

1) Go for map completion in beginners maps. (heavily optional)

So a lot people say the world might feel overwhelming. If you start traveling around, you going to come across things all over the place, so many quests, so many locations, so many things in general. That is overwhelming. If you stay in one map and gradually do everything (or most) in it before moving to the next one, you are going to have a sense of completion. Slowly the map is going to come together and you are going to learn about different things in the game at a stable pace.

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2) Avoid DLC npc. (slightly optional)

Due to scaling, you now have immediate access to every story questline at lvl 3. Don't get yourself side-tracked by avoiding questlines that take you out of the map you are in. Here's a few names to ignore until you feel comfortable pursuing other stories; Concordia Mercius (Murkmire Prequel), Stuga (Orsinium), the two quest givers in any refuge (Dark brotherhood and Thieves Guild starting quests).


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3) So, if you found yourself side-tracked and you wish to return back to zone questline. Open "Map", on the left u see "Map Completion" and below it "Open Zone Guide". Click that and click "Start Zone Story" or "Continue Zone Story". This will mark the next step of the zone quest chain.

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) You came across something in-game and you have no idea what it is or how it works. You can ask the chat or search it on Google / YouTube. But the quickest way is to press F1. That is a short cut of "Help". Commonly overlooked because people think its a "send a ticket only" tab. It is actually game information library. Everything about the game is there for you to look at. It's reliable. It's good. It's quick. Also has customer support and list of all in-game emotes.

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P.S. Dolmen is the huge anchor.

Thanks for reading. I never wrote tips before, but these are the things I tell my friends all the time. I though they might be useful.

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