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5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Aggro Telvanni from Aggro Sorc Today

TheElderScrolls10 - 5 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Aggro Telvanni from Aggro Sorc Today

I see a lot of Aggro Sorc on ladder – and there's no question about it, it has been one of the most popular and strong decks on the ladder this month. From the very beginning, Abeldenibus took #1 and held it down for most of the first week using Aggro Sorc. It has great matchups for the most part besides Control Tribunal. With Skinned Hound, Catapult is no longer the most explosive offensive weapon in the game – it's also one of the most defensive. For if your opponent dare silence the guard, they're now dealing with a 2 magicka 5/5 which is free to attack.

Sorcerer has a lot going for it… but Telvanni might have even more. Let's look at the top 5 reasons you should make the switch.

1. You can actually fit all the damn two drops you want. Ever go into the deck builder and try to build Sorcerer? It might come out different every time because there's so many two's to choose from. Dragontail, Barrow, Skinned Hound, Catapult, Wardcrafter, Wind Keep, Harpy, Seyda Neen – and I mean heck, even Ald Velothi is a small consideration. Not to mention your possible 1-drops in Crown Quartermaster and Mudcrab. Sorcerer simply can't fit all of this in without blowing up it's curve and burning out in some games – but Telvanni can! Speaking of great 2-drops…

2. Mournhold Traitor and Suran Pawnbroker are insane. Ok, so a lot of people might not know this small fact about Suran Pawnbroker… but as someone who played a lot of Goblin Scout in 2018, and part of this year as well, Pawnbroker is insane with Catapults. Any bad roll that you can't mitigate with Cornerclub Gambler right away has a better chance of being used as activators for your 'Pults. Those Vvardvarks suddenly just allowed you to smack 5 to your opponent's face… not too shabby. With all of your tools like Skinned Hound, Wardcrafter, Shadow Shift, etc. – you can protect your Traitor decently well in this archetype. You don't need to play it if you don't want to though, there's nearly infinite good 2-drops that Aggro Telvanni has access to. Because if you're anything like me, you're ready to throw your computer/phone out the window after a turn 2 Piercing Jav on your Traitor from Control Tribunal.


3. Shadow Shift for the 'Pults. I once read somewhere that Shadow Shift is Traitor-Joe's favorite card… oh yeah, here it is. That should make it your favorite card too.

Just kidding. Shadow Shift is insane with Catapults. If things ever get so mucked up that you can't deal with it anymore, just Shift your Pult into the other lane which is full and waiting for it.

4. There's a chance your opponent is going to mulligan incorrectly for you especially if they are on control*. This might not happen if you're going up against Frenzy for the 7th time on a Wednesday night at high legend and you've played Aggro Telvanni against him every single time, but otherwise, it should catch most people off guard. That alone can allow you to build a huge early lead against control decks who would've otherwise mulligan'd more aggressively for more early removal.

5. Consistency isn't reduced. I think a lot of people might say Sorcerer is more consistent. But consistent at what? Drawing Lightning Bolts, a good curve, or big creatures? Telvanni does all of this as well. It has more reach, more card draw, more tricks, and all of the same creatures. Seriously. Telvanni is essentially just Aggro Sorcerer with Traitors, Pawnbrokers, Gamblers, Cliff Racers, Queen, and Shadow Shifts thrown in. You even get some cool tech options like Giant Snake which are another card that synergize extremely well with Catapults to boot. Heck, if you wanted to slow it down a bit and curve all the way up to Tazkad for a second finisher, you can do that too.

So there you have it. Now go ahead and make the change so I can take advantage of this and increase my win% on ladder and begin enjoying the thrills of conquering a bewildered opponent who just kept their 4 magicka+ starting hand off ring for "Control" Telvanni.

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