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7 Things I’d Like From Alliance Wars

TheElderScrolls14 - 7 Things I'd Like From Alliance Wars

Well met, marsh friends. I'm excited for the upcoming expansion, and just wanted to get a few of my hopes and pet theories off my chest before spoiler season gets too crazy. Feel free to post your own hopes or thoughts on mine in the comments below.

  1. Razum-Dar. Raz is an utter bro and the face of ESO as far as I'm concerned. Naryu got a card last pack expansion and it went over well, so it's certainly Raz's turn by now. He could even end up being the Blue+Yellow+Green legendary! (if not him, then who? Estre? Alwinarwe? Naemon?)
  2. The Five Companions. We've seen a few already, but I'd personally like it if all five of these characters got a Unique legendary card, ideally with one going into each attribute. Mannimarco and Lyris's cards look extremely interesting, and match Endurance and Strength perfectly. A young Varen Aquilarios has been seen in Willpower, which also fits him well. I like Sai Sahan as a character, but I think I'd prefer he be in Intelligence as part of this expansion's push on Items, even if it meant he couldn't be used in Empire of Cyrodill decks, as Agility fits the immoral and politically flexible Abnur Tharn better (as does his own daughter, Clivia Tharn's, class).
  3. A Canonreeve card. Like Battlereeve, it's just a fun Altmer word that would help any card it's attached to stand out.
  4. M'aiq the Liar. Ideally as a joke card in Neutral. The continued absence of this iconic Elder Scrolls character simply cannot continue.
  5. More Orcs. It feels like each expansion after the Core set has included 1-2 Orcs only out of obligation. With the Daggerfall Covenant representing the race in canon, I'm hoping we'll get a relatively significant number of new creatures printed for the tribe. Fighters Guild Elite is a good start, though.
  6. Mill support. Not the most interactive of playstyles to push, but with Mannimarco's inclusion I figure it's worth asking for. I feel just one Pilfer creature with the deck discard ability from that one IoM story mission is the safest best.
  7. Coldharbour cards. This cool af Oblivion Plane certainly deserves a few cards to its name. The Dark Anchor card being revealed soon is a great start, I'm excited for it, but I'm hoping we get even more. Banekin, Daedroths, Harvesters, Watchers, Cold-Flame Atronachs, Daedric Titans, the Mace of Molag Bal… there's certainly the potential for some Daedric goodness that I hope gets sufficiently tapped into!

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