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r/elderscrollsonline! If you’re anything like me, you quickly realized that this subreddit is an English-speaking community, but perplexingly, many familiar English words and phrases have totally different usages and meaning here. To help new members, I’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of some of the more confusing examples. Hope you enjoy!

developer (n) – those responsible for the development of Elder Scrolls Online; professional game designers, programmers and artists whose livelihoods depend on the success of the game, which is complicated by the fact that each one is a total dipshit; despite their education, career and years of experience working on ESO, each one is much less intelligent and capable than you, no matter how much or little of the game you have played

toxic (adj) – any behavior that forces you to confront your own personal shortcomings; please note, this does not include the racism, sexism or generalized bigotry commonly displayed by our less socially developed members – instead see free speech or joke, you fucking snowflake

elitist (n) – any player who is better than you in any observable capacity

DPS or damage-dealer (n) – a player whose role is to apply damage to enemies; these players are not required to know how much damage they are doing and are encouraged to spam whichever skills they like in whichever order most pleases them.


tank (n) – a player whose role it is to distract enemies from attacking other group members and receive damage; alternatively, any DPS who doesn’t want to wait in a 30-minute queue

healer (n) – a player who heals damage incurred by other players; at best, a healer may aspire to be an invisible and meaningless member of the team, but in the instance of any group failure, must be held entirely responsible.

balanced (adj) – any game mechanic that benefits you personally

broken (adj) – any game mechanic that benefits any player other than yourself

group member (n) – an NPC whose duty is to help you complete group content.; rarely confused for human beings with their own personal experiences, goals and lives

Cyrodiil (n) – a holding pen for ESO’s most belligerent and antisocial players trial and dungeon (n) – exclusively useful for providing gear that will help you complete other trials and dungeons

bot (n) – an account that is automated to harvest resources; either game-ruining or immediately forgotten, depending on whether or not you can currently see one

lore (n) – an established canon of the utmost importance if the developers are doing something that contradicts it; pointless gibberish if you are doing something that contradicts it

Please fell free to contribute any definitions you think new players might benefit from!

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