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TheElderScrolls13 - A beginner's plea

Greetings Fellow Soul Shriven

I am a newbie to ESO, but not to the elder scrolls series, or MMORPGs in general. I played the f*ck out of Skyrim, and I love playing games like WoW and Destiny, which i have also put countless hours into. I have hit end game for destiny, so there isn't a ton for me to do, and WoW imo kinda died after legion, and i haven't played in months.

REGARDLESS. My brother got the gold bundle of ESO for his birthday on xbox, and we gameshare so i was able to get it too. I love the ability to be able to like "spec" into multiple different builds, like for Templar you can do tank, healer and caster dps, (and same for dragon knight i think?) i've done my research into the game, but apparently not enough. So i have a list of questions here i would love answered if at all possible. TYVM

Servers and DLC

  • I read that things like the adventure pack for cross-faction races, and the imperial pack for unlocking imperials and stuff only apply to a single server? I haven't even entered the game yet, so i've barely touched it at all. My brother just told me that all north americans are on a single server, and all Europeans are on another single server? So i can buy all the DLC and stuff and be able to access it always since we all only play on one server?
  • As for game-sharing, i successfully downloaded all 4 things that came with the gold bundle (main game, morrowind upgrade, summerset upgrade, and then the 4 pack that i can't remember the name of) but i still can't seem to create a warden right off the bat. I seem to have regular access to the vanilla game, but i am unsure about ANY of the DLC, but i want it all. Will i have to buy all the DLC myself, or should i be able to access
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Characters and Progression

  • I already planned out all 5 of my classes, and by the wiki's recommendation (and my love of min/maxing) i am trying to mash together as many things as possible. so I am trying to throw together

Dragon Knight (Like half warrior half shaman?)

  • Nord (B/c dragonborn)
  • Stoneskin Dragon (Tank)
  • Elder Dragon (Healer?/Buff)
  • Inferno Dragon (Melee DPS)


  • High Elf (Follows Auriel so he's not a d*ck like the ones from Skyrim)
  • Beacon of Hope (Healer)
  • Bastion of Light (Tank)
  • Gleaming Champion (Caster? DPS)


  • Wood Elf (Kind of like a night elf half druid half hunter)
  • Warden Initiate
  • Beast Caller (Melee/Ranged DPS)
  • Master Herbalist (Healer/Buff?)


  • Breton
  • Sorcerer Initiate
  • Elemental Arcanist (Caster DPS)
  • War Mage (Tank)


  • Khajiit (Bath Tub Stealth Cat)
  • Deathweaver (Melee DPS)
  • Umbral Assassin (Melee DPS)
  • Living Shadow (Tank)

B/c apparently all of these can work together and not have like "conflicts"? i didn't understand that term exactly, but i imagine it is like 2 abilities that take up the same place on the hot bar? I am also a sucker for RP which likely explains the choices. I really want to get the adventure pack so i can play in the Ebonheart pact with my brother (he's a classic racist "skyrim for the nords" storm cloak style dude, but i just like to have somebody to play with.

Ideally i want to start off with either Templar or Warden b/c i love being either a paladin or a hunter/druid. it's just my favorite to RP, and being able to heal/tank i think makes me wanted/viable in most content, no?

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