The Elder Scrolls

A Brief and Salty Overview of the Balance Patch

TheElderScrolls10 - A Brief and Salty Overview of the Balance Patch


Nerfed Rage Warrior into the ground

I'm fine with a huge nerf for this deck because it just didn't really fit the style of the game. I don't really care that it goes from tier 2 to nonexistent, it didn't belong

Killed catapult:

This is fine as well, the decks were tier 2ish but the highroll of Catapult and Skinned Hound was pretty stupid and I'm not sad to see it gone. I'd have rather seen Hound get the nerf but I understand that its a newer card with other potentially interesting applications so it's better overall to nerf the Catapult side of the equation.


Mastermind Nerf only really hits Rage Warrior and two color Purple

The most popular tribunal lists generally don't even run camel, so its an easy swap. They could also just run Silent Pilgrim, which is very strong in Tribunal. Or Thieves Guild Shadowfoot, which some already do. Telvanni can swap it out for Catspaw or Pilgrim as well.

RNG Cards go untouched

We get several more months at least of Mudcrab Merchant, Dawnbreaker, Suran Pawnbroker, and Manic Jack deciding games. Fucking great.

The best decks either went untouched or barely got nerfed

Tribunal, Hlaalu and Crusader are probably the 3 best decks in the game and all of those are looking fine. Tribunal loses Mastermind but can replace it easily and its biggest counter in Rage Warrior just got completely gutted. Hlaalu and Crusader were untouched.

The Devs seem to be on a completely different wavelength than the players


We won't see the meta shift much at all from this and I think the stance from the devs has generally been focused on things being close to fine and just needing some tweaks, whereas a lot of more hardcore players see fundamental problems with certain aspects of the game (three color, how late game is handled, RNG). This patch seems like affirmation that those fundamental problems are not going to be solved and instead we're just going to band aid stuff.

I truly disagree with the idea that they can't overnerf because it would present a problem for new/casual players

I've said this on stream a few times the past few days but I think it's worth writing it down here: making decisions that make your game worse for the sake of keeping casual players from leaving the game entirely is a terrible approach. There's a happy medium, of course, and you shouldn't listen strictly to what people that play this game 10 hours a day want. But the best way to get people to play your game and play it consistently is not to keep things the same, it's to make things the best they can be. If that means making hard decisions that might scare some people away in the short term, go for it. That's what Hearthstone's doing now by rotating a few problem cards early and it's been received almost universally positively. Just because something is hard isn't an excuse not to do it.


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