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A brief look at sales

TheElderScrolls5 - A brief look at sales

I am relatively new to the game and have been trying to figure out the optimal $ to crown ratio especially with regard to dlc purchase for those who have parts of the game, none of the game, eso+ etc. This will be looking at the current sales, as I imagine now is the only time one would want to buy crowns, as the top pack is 40% off.

ESO store prices match steam

There is no discrepancy in pricing between ESO store page and Steam.

I'll just use myself as an example as I imagine there might be a special case here that others are in, and maybe know a solution to.

I bought ESO Imperial Edition when it came out years ago, was dissatisfied with the experience and dropped it until Summerset came out. As such I have the "old" version of the base game, not Morrowind which is now part of the base purchase above for $9.95 at the moment. I bought Summerset at half off recently for $14.99. This was the only thing I was missing since I had also purchased one month of ESO+ but now that month is near an end and the numbers are starting to whirl around in my head, hence this post.

Exempting the current installment of the Collection, Crown only purchases:

Guilds and Glory 5500 Crowns, includes the following

>>>Imperial City 2500 Crowns


>>>Dark Brother 2000

>>>Orsinium 3000

>>>Thieves Guild 2000

Dragon Bones 1500

Horns of the Reach 1500

Morrowind 3500

Murkmire 2000, recently awarded for log in, I'd really like to know if they are planing on doing this for any other dlc

Shadows of the Hist 1500

The Clockwork City 2000

Wolfhunter 1500

Total 19,000

This would require buying the 21,000 pack for $89.99 at current price leaving you with 2000 let over

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Buying 1 year of ESO+ yields 19,800 Crowns for $139.99

Buying the Collection currently at $39.99 would reduce the number of crowns needed above to 10,000, requiring a purchase of 14,000 for $64.99, leaving you with 4000 crowns left over.

Base game + ESO+ for 1 year = $149.98

Collection + enough crowns to buy all DLC = $104.98

This brings me to the question I have been asking myself: is being a crafter, having some crowns for cosmetics, bonus xp rate, etc worth $45. I'd love to hear some input.

Who else bought Skyrim on sale back in the day for $30 and hasn't spent a penny since.

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