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A case for support.

TheElderScrolls6 - A case for support.

So as many of you may have noticed support is one of the least used tools of the ESL player arsenal. Most of the time you see support its just in casual meme decks. Now why is this the case? Why are some of the potentially strongest cards in the game not used in top tier play? Well let’s walk through these questions and find some potential answers.

First is the issue of tempo of the cards themselves. If you look most cards can’t be played well on a curve. Like the idea of running mundus stone in your aggro deck? Too bad, it’s terrible to play on the curve for just the simple momentum lost by dedicating a whole turn for a card to just buff other cards. How about running a some sweet support in your control deck? Nope not gonna happen, but why? Because they suffer the same fate as if you put them into an aggro deck. They don’t pay off for the cost of playing them on the a given turn. The only support that does play well on a curve is divine fervor because its effect can be used immediately (I.E. play fervor then play all your nord firebrand to reach lethal without your opponent getting to answer). Fervor is the exception to supports though not the rule. So how do we fix this? My solution is to add summon effects to new supports. Imagine how much more effective Ring of Namira would be if you had the added bonus of say “summon: destroy a creature and gain life equal to its health” (this is a hypothetical I know it’s over powered). Now your Ring of Namira is completely viable to play in your deck on a curve because it can remove the creature your opponent has that gives them lethal.


Next let’s look at the next problem of supports, simplicity of removal. Now I think this is the most common and well talked about issue of support. Many supports are expensive and don’t have an immediate pay off. But why is that so bad? Because removal of these cards are so easy. There are so many cards that give an easy answer to these supports that usually have a dual use like Edict of Azura, or leave a decent body on the board after play like Dushnikn Yal Archer. They may even have great dual use AND a decent body on the board like Shadowfen Priest. So how do we fix this? My option for this is to make a cheap unique legendary support with the text “all other supports can not be destroyed”. This is a great fix in my opinion because I feel it balances out the protection of support perfectly. First it’s cheap so it’s little effect on the curve of play. Second it’s a unique so it’s not too easy to get nor can you create an unbreakable support defense by having two of these card in play. Finally it’s balanced because even though there is only one most people don’t run an excessive amount of support removal. This makes that one support removal that is forced to be played on this hypothetical card all the breathing room you need.

Finally a fetch action for support would be nice. This will let you to fetch a support and maybe reduce its cost by the cost of the fetch card. So now I want to pass this on to you the community. Do you think think these buffs would be useful? What did I miss? Should supports even get buffs? I just want to get a conversation going on what is in my opinion the most underused card type.

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