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A confession i have to get off my chest…

TheElderScrolls10 - A confession i have to get off my chest...

This happened around a month ago but it has been eating me up inside ever since.

So there i was, i had started up a new game because i didn’t feel immersed enough in my previous one and i felt like i leveled too fast. I picked a dark elf mage this time around and i had gone through some of the main storyline and a couple side quests. Somewhere alone the way, i decided i wanted a follower to fight by my side. I didn’t just want any follower though, i wanted to connect with them, i needed a fellow mage of course! I showered the internet for about… 15 minutes or so until i stumbled upon a youtube video testing the best followers in skyrim (i don’t remember the title or youtuber) and after watching it i decided my follower and best friend for this play through. It was none other than Marcurio, a wizard sell-sword found in Riften at The Bee and Barb.

Quickly, i traveled to Riften so i could meet my new companion. I strode into The Bee and Barb and as i looked to my left there he was in all his glory. He looked towards me and spoke something about buying his amazing talent but i was too busy skipping his dialogue to know what he really said. I bought him for 500 gold, a fair bargain for someone as skilled and quick witted as the mighty Marcurio.

For days we traversed the province of Skyrim, demolishing any and all who blocked our path. I was leveling quickly and was planning on becoming the Archmage at the College of Winterhold. My coin was also piling up and i was soon going to buy Windstad Manor and surprise Marcurio with the title of steward because of his loyalty to me and his perfection of the art of battle.


i had reached the point in the College of Winterhold questline where i was to go and capture the staff of magnus in Labyrinthian to defeat Ancano, easy stuff right? Yes… well mostly. you see we were doing fine, me and my partner in crime. We had defeated the first 75% or so of the quest and were almost at Morokei. we had just cleared a room with many objects and things that could obstruct your vision while walking around, battling, and searching for enemies. Well i had seen that my radar bar thingy had an enemy dot on it and when i turned to face this enemy, i could only see a part of the figure behind a pillar across the room. Hah! Child’s play! Is what i thought to myself before shooting a fireball spell in the direction of the figure, surely the spread from the explosion would kill this villainous being. Then… at the bottom of my screen was: Marcurio: “Aghhh!” I stopped. My explosion had not only defeated the creature behind the pillar but it had killed my fallen brother who was nearly slain by the very same beast i was trying to kill. i had killed my only friend in this world, the only one who had shown me kindness in this wretched world. He understood me.

i instantly took the fireball spell from my favorites, almost vowing never to use fire destruction spells again. I kneeled by my fallen comrade and looted his adept robes and and the hood i had given him, a remembrance of his time spent in the realm of the living. I, like Savos Aren, had lost a great companion in the Labyrinthian.

After becoming the Archmage and buying out Windstad Manor i placed his robes, hood, and boots on the mannequin in the main hall. I can’t stop thinking about this and i wish i had a save to go back to but the only one i have to too far back to be worth it. i guess i’ll forever live with the pain of killing my partner, companion, and best friend.

TL;DR i accidentally killed marcurio and feel really bad

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