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A few dumb questions, especially concerning stamblade

TheElderScrolls10 - A few dumb questions, especially concerning stamblade

I've been playing on and off for a long time and I have some questions. I rolled a DK as my first character and then decided I didn't like it, so I've rolled a NB and want to do this properly (Im a little bit of a perfectionist and a hoarder).

  1. I want to dual wield and then have the addition of the bow when weapon swap becomes available. Should most of my bar be dual wielding skills? I really like a lot of the sneaky/evasive skills and I like to incapacitate the enemy first, but this means I have to use some magicka when I know I should be putting all of my points into stamina as a stamblade. So is it possible, or should I say clever, to mix both NB skills and dual wielding skills on the hotbar? I heard that I should have one skill from each NB tree to level them up, but that leaves only two spaces for dual wielding skills.

  2. In addition to this, when weapon swap becomes available and I can use the bow, should I sneak and incapacitate the enemy or attack from afar with the bow? I bought the undaunted crossbow skill but I'm not sure if I should have done that.

  3. Does the type of weapon matter when you dual wield? For instance is it better to use two daggers instead of two maces for example? Or is it purely aesthetic?

  4. Does it matter where I quest? After I finish in Auridon can I go to Summerset for example? I used to play WoW and was used to a very specific route for each race so this is a little new to me. I have quests telling me to leave on boats to various places but I'm not sure if I should do that.

  5. I love crafting but I'm not sure which skills to pick up. Blacksmithing for weapons yes… woodworking for a bow….alchemy for potions… provisioning for buffs… leatherworking for medium gear.. is this right? As for enchanting, its such a pain in my butt because I can never find a potency rune and they take up so much space in my bag, is it really necessary? And should I be crafting things when I have the mats, adding an enchantment and selling them to vendors?

  6. Lastly… should it be this difficult to find mats required for crafting furniture??

Thank you 🙂

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