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A Few QOL Additions

TheElderScrolls4 - A Few QOL Additions

So I was thinking the game should have a few QOL (quality of life) features that other games have that would be so helpful in ESO.

1) Can we get a flare or mark? One that pings grouped players when used. Maybe ping an ally, yourself, or an enemy to mark them as primary focus, or maybe just to warn other players that a special mechanic has started.

Typing in the middle of combat is kinda hard, and sometimes the tank is so focused on the boss they don't realize the healer needs adds pulled from them, or that a wall of ghosts is about to fucking ruin my day because I'm too focused on a dragon to notice the DPS took out the crystals. And to point out chests and heavy sacks.

2) Healers are kinda useless since attacks either one shot or can be tanked with self-heals, so maybe make damage shields cast on other players give immunity for half a second when they get destroyed. That way people can survive one shot attacks from dungeon bosses, but not constant DPS or DoTs.

Could be a useful counter for bombs or ganks in PvP too, granted there's a 20s cooldown or something before it gives invulnerability again. I'm basically asking for it to be treated like Quen from the witcher 3, #makehealersgreatagain

3) So guild traders is kind of a bad system. Small guilds can't compete with larger ones to outbid vendors, so it makes it really hard for most players to sell their stuff. An easy fix would just be to allow players to sell stuff on the guild market without needing to actually be in the guild. We could walk up to a vendor, and post our shit for sale there. The guild that owns said vendor could set the tax rate for using said vendor without being in their guild.

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Speaking of the game economy, why are bound items even a thing? Like a ton of MMOs do levels and set bonuses, ESO could just like, not. EVE Online doesn't do bound items, but it also lets players steal everything you own. I dunno much about MMO economy, it'd just be nice to know if any of these dungeon sets are valuable by checking the demand for them with TCC.


4) Make achievements, motifs, designs, recipes, alchemy effects, enchanting effects (just not items traits), and wayshrines account wide. It's pointless having these character divided because you're just going to have one toon make everything anyways, and you've already explored things as your main. It's weird how Champion Points, outfits, pets, personalities, houses, dyes and other progression based unlockables are account wide.

Btw, it would be cool if we could place our characters in our house like we do pets. And maybe more assistants, like bards. And maybe let us give them an animation besides just standing, or even patrol paths. Also the fucking craft bag, let non ESO+ users have one. Obviously make it hard as piss to get it, or just expensive, or require a monthly mage guild gold fee or something, I dunno. Crafting is unplayable without ESO+, and plus should be an optional thing.

5) Sync bard music. It's not heavy on machines to have the bard music always playing in the background muted, then replace the in game music when someone starts playing an instrument. Yeah it might be weird to start in the middle of a song, but it's better than 5 people all playing different songs and sounding like garbage.

Also, can we please get an option to mute combat music? I love the music in this game, and I really hate when that annoying drum beat plays whenever a wolf spots me. The boss music is fine, I just really hate that single track that plays whenever I get too close to a nameless NPC, interrupting the nice zone music.

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