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A Few Questions about Early Game Necro Healing

TheElderScrolls3 - A Few Questions about Early Game Necro Healing

So, I’m a new player, probably have only played for 6 days now (other than a month in 2018 until my Xbox broke where I only DPS’d). I’ve been mostly healing, and I wanted to ask about the possible redundancy of my bar. I have Enduring Death and Illustrious Healing on a bar, and I usually stack them together, but reading the tool tips, the seem to heal about the same, especially when I can use Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, and Spirit Mender and quickly get three corpses to extend Enduring Death. I’m worried about the redundancy, because I’m wondering if I should drop Illustrious Healing and put Expunge or the shielding ability from the Resto line (though I also have Resistant Flesh slotted, so I don’t know if adding the resto shield would also be redundant). I know for your first toon, you should go in and test the abilities out yourself and not follow a guide, so I haven’t, I’m just curious if that’s too redundant and if I should switch those out.

Another question I have, I’ve been, obviously going Magika, so I’ve used a destruction staff on my other bar. I didn’t realize there were melee weapons that used Magika and restored it until Saturday, and I’m wondering if should use one of those instead of a destruction staff. I don’t really have any destruction staff abilities on my other bar, it’s Resistant Flesh and the rest are Grave Lord abilities. I just suck at aiming, so I’m wondering if a melee Magika weapon wouldn’t be a bad idea for when I’m doing other attacks. Like I said, I still want to mostly experiment on my own, so I’m not asking if it’s optimal, but if it’s viable.


Which also applies to me last question. I’ve played around with Warden a bit, not nearly as much, but a bit (he’s level 8) and I was planning on making it a tank (I know, I probably should be doing DD for one of my first lol) but then I noticed that the first healing skill can become a stamina ability. Is Stam healing actually viable? I was going to make him a tank, and might still since he’s an Imperial, but Stam healing has piqued my interest. I’ve been gravitating towards magika on my necromancer because sprinting and dodging use stamina, and wanted to get used to it, but I’m still pretty interested in this concept and if I should try to do it and role a second Warden for Stam healing so I can start getting research and riding skills in while I finish leveling my necromancer and doing the story on it.

Sorry if that’s just a hodge-podge of questions, I wanted to wait until I had a decent chunk of questions to actually make a whole post about any of them.

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