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A few questions about housing

TheElderScrolls1 - A few questions about housing

So I've just made my first million (thank you new year writs) and really close to buying the house I want, but as expected, I have a few questions.

1- Does it matter which character I buy the house from? Trophies and furniture I have are scattered around all my toons, and I also have a crafter that I'll use the most when designing house. Will there be a main owner so to speak, or do all of them do the same thing?

2- I'm buying the house, but we're really a group of 3 who will be using it. I want my friends to have the same authority over the house as I do (using chests, moving stuff around, removing or placing stuff from their inventory). They're IRL childhood friends so trust isn't an issue. To what extent can I do this?

3- I've always been able to visit the primary residences of people. Will people in the guilds that I'm in be able to do the same? By all means I'd love to show off my brilliant designs, just wondering if it's something that you toggle on and off.


4- Besides the obvious sense of pride and accomplishment, I know that you can set up crafting tables and functional chests in the house. How do I do this? Can I simply buy all of this stuff from a guild store or something, and if I can, how much am I looking at for 3 basic craft tables and a few chests?

5- I know that pretty much everything is available with crowns, but how well can I decorate the house without needing crowns? I don't mind buying special items (like the music box), but I'd rather stick to in-game stuff as much as possible.

That'll be all…for now. Thanks in advance.

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