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A few suggestions and thoughts on the game

TheElderScrolls7 - A few suggestions and thoughts on the game

After playing the game now for a few weeks i wanted to share some thoughts which frequently popped into my mind while playing. I havent reached endgame yet so this is intended to come from a fresh perspective.

  1. Questing

The questing in ESO is the greatest ive done in an mmo up until now and i really do care about characters and the lore. Ive even started to listen to the loreseekers podcast to keep up with the rich and beautiful lore the elder scrolls provide. Despite that i have an issue with the questing system that constantly leaves a feeling of slight disappointment behind and thats due to the rewards. Quests are a kinda big time investment, especially if you suck it all up, and when you finally finish it the rewards feel kinda underwhelming in terms of xp and loot. Running dungeons, doing pvp, dolmen grind and even simple mob grinding lets you earn xp and loot so much faster that i oftentimes see myself doing those and thinking ‚ill do all the quest when im at cp160‘. Thats a shame considering they offer so much enjoyment otherwise. This brings me to the next part…

  1. Exploring

ESO puts a high emphasis on the do what you want aspect and even rewards exploring by giving xp and even loot if you happen to stumble upon a chest in the wilds. While there can be great loot in those chests it gets dull pretty quick as youll find tons of them everywhere. Imho it would be way more rewarding if they where much less common, harder to unlock and with even better loot to compensate it. Especially gold is an issue for me there. I mean youll find a treasure chest, crack it open and find like 30gold? Exploring in of itself should reward more xp too. It would be great if you could really decide to just be an explorer and get to 50 or even higher by just exploring and possibly new tasks related to exploring. They could implement a new Skillline dedicated to exploring with passives like increased goldfind and fun active skills like hiding a treasure chest on your own with increasingly good rewards (and xp for both the finder and the one who ‚buried‘ it) as time goes by. Those are obviously just examples which need to be finetuned. This leads me to…

  1. Skills

The Skillsystem in ESO is awesome too and it would be great if theyd further expand on this. I think classes should at some point get a fourth Skillline to diversify them even more. With the mix and match System in place classes can feel a little similar to some degree. While i somewhat like this approach to a skillsystem i think a little bit more diversity would be great. This might be just me though as ive gotten used to the commonly used class based skillsystem in other mmos. That being said new skilllines available to every class would be great too as the system has the potential to not be as meta focused as other are and im thinking about like playerguild based skillines as an example. Which leads me to the last point for now…

  1. guilds

Guilds are cool and all but besides the social aspect and trader/bankspace there isnt much to it gameplaywise. I think it would be a nice touch if guilds could decide to follow a certain path like exploring, pvp, dungeons, trading or more abstract pathes like noble, scummy and such and getting a corresponding skilline added to every member of the guild. Even if its just passives to start it off. From my experience the social aspect is kinda lackluster too as i barely get any conversation going in any of my 5 guilds. While this is heavily dependant on the individual members of any guild there could be systems put in place to help people socialize more by adding features like a guild internal event system, a raffle interface or other things similar to those.

I cant really put a tldr in place here, so thank you for everyone reading this and showing interest in my thoughts on a few aspects of the game so far. Again im not by any means a pro and im far completing or even seeing everything there is to it. Still i wanted to share my thoughts and hope to hear yours on these topics or others if you want to share yours too. Im not a native english speaker and writing such a long post most certainly causes many mistakes, just to let you know.

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