The Elder Scrolls

A fun and interesting deck to try as we cope with the death of TESL

TheElderScrolls11 - A fun and interesting deck to try as we cope with the death of TESL


In the ancient times, when Falkreath Defiler summoned things instead of putting them in your hand, only Sorcerer could manage to loop Alduins through a convoluted method of discard, resurrection, and Dark Rebirth. Now Defiler has been nerfed into Oblivion, and Alduin Lockdown Sorcerer is no more.

But like a phoenix from the ashes, the Alduin Board Lock rises anew, even more reliable than before.

Some tech explanations:

The win condition for this deck is combining the Alduin Loop with The Nightmother and Ring of Namira and/or Necromancer’s Amulets.

First is achieving the Alduin Loop – It’s never been easier. Midnight Burial can reliably put 2 Alduins into your discard from your deck. Then it’s just a matter of ramping up to 9 Magicka as quickly as possible and playing Reanimate to bring Alduin back into the Shadow Lane (to protect against Territorial Vipers). The Alduin on the board will then resurrect the Alduin in your discard, which will then wipe the board and voila, you’ve locked down the board.

If for some reason Alduin ends up in your hand before one of the Midnight Burials, you can use Galyn to send more Alduins into your deck. Also, if you use all 3 Midnight Burials on Alduin, it will reduce his cost to 12 meaning you’ll be able to summon him on the off chance you pull him out of your deck before a Reanimate.

The Supports – Ring of Namira is the key to all of this. When played alongside your Necromancer’s Amulets, you can start flooding your board with creatures to be destroyed in the Alduin Loop, triggering their Amulets which then trigger the Ring and slowly burning your opponent down to 0 as your own health rises far beyond anything they can inflict on you from hand.


Alternatively, if you have the Nightmother in play you can build her up to 20 kills by summoning Targets onto your opponent’s board every turn to then be destroyed by the Alduin Loop. When Nightmother activates with Ring of Namira on the board, you will deal an additional 20 damage to your opponent from the 20 health you gain, for a total of 40 damage in a single turn. The wisest method here is to hold Ring of Namira until just before Nightmother activates so that it doesn’t get removed, since Ring of Namira is essential for both win conditions, and you can always change tactics to the previous if Nightmother eats support removal.

Other notes – The rest of the cards are pretty self explanatory. Lots of ramp to get you to 9 magicka as quickly as possible. Some removal in the way of Drain Blood and Mummify. Plenty of card draw to get your combo pieces together. Restless Templar provides some survivability and also pairs nicely with Ring of Namira. Fighters Guild Recruit as an occasional speed bump. Shadowfen Priest pulls double duty as not just support removal but also an emergency silence on Alduin should all your own supports get removed, and you need to start beating your opponent down with a 12/12 body.

Don’t expect to make it to legend with this deck, but do expect great satisfaction on the games you do win.

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