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A generally underappreciated aspect of the three-colour houses

TheElderScrolls15 - A generally underappreciated aspect of the three-colour houses

Y'know, I think one of the most under-appreciated aspects of Houses of Morrowind was flavour. I love Heroes of Skyrim as an expansion with a bunch of really cool, unique and interesting cards, but i appreciate Houses of Morrowind a lot more for the sheer flavor of both the cards, and the new mechanic of the tri-color decks.

Now what do i mean by that? Well there are ways in which every house is distinct and unique, in ways that might not be immediately apparent from just their playstyles. Sure they have very distinct game-plans, but in the way they reflect their lore-counterparts are a sight to behold. I'd like to draw some attention to that aspect of the card design, with a few examples that i, as a bit of a lore fanatic, have taken notice of. There are probably some that have gone over my head, so if you spot those feel free to point them out!

I'll start out with my absolute favourite, the differences between House Dagoth decks, and Tribunal Decks.


The Tribunal i find to be quite cool, in the sense that it's three top-dogs aren't actually tribunal exclusive at all. Now i know that this is likely due to card balance, as having both Sotha-sil, Vivec and Almalexia as tri-color would be a complete mess, but it also does compliment the lore aspect.

You see, within the timeline of Morrowind, these three gods were never truly cooperative. They might've shared some ideals, and were all instrumental in both the forming of the Dunmer and later the nerevarine prophecy, ultimately all of them would tend to their own domain.

Slight spoiler ahead in case you haven't played morrowind!

In the end, ultimately both Almalexia and Sotha-Sil would die trying to maintain their own interests, and Vivec while never being confirmed dead, is the last god still present in base Morrowind, trying to keep everything together as the Corprus disease starts to spread

It makes complete sense for every god to be in their own separate color, each exemplifying their trait and how distanced they are from each other, all ultimately ONLY being unified in the faith presented by the tribunal, and by extension the Arch-canon.

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Now let's contrast this with the fourth god, of the sixth house.


Now if it made sense for the tribunal gods to be in separate colors, then it makes even MORE sense for Daddy ur to represent the whole of his house. After all, while the tribunal uphold three different gods that each embody a different aspect, Dagoth and his followers look to him as the true god (Who i guess embodies the aspect of pottery)

This contrast between two tri-color decks is very cool to me, and there are a few more minor examples i think are very cool aswell:


  • When Sun-In-Shadow shackles a friendly target in order to draw a specific action, it embodies both the Telvannis tendency to betray their own, and their propensity towards slavery

  • Telvanni having the colors of Green, Purple and Blue is a very cool choice. Green embodies their propensity for alchemy, purple embodies their obsession with the forbidden and the heretical, and blue embodies their thirst for knowledge.


  • Duke Vedam Drens ability to draw a card based on remaining mana is built off the concept of not wasting a resource. Very fitting as Hlaalu is a merchants guild, and they wouldn't want to waste a precious resource.

  • Hlaalu being the only house with access to all the morag tong cards is a very nice touch, as they often employ them to rid themselves of competition.

  • Crassius favor allowing you to summon imperial grunts is in reference to the Hlaalu being one of the few houses that favor the imperial incursion in Morrowind.


Yeah redoran is kinda boring and i couldn't find anything interesting other than their associated keyword Rally being linked to their status as the best fighters in Morrowind.

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