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A great nonfiction story that I was apart of.

TheElderScrolls13 - A great nonfiction story that I was apart of.

There might be a few statments in here that are false but the story is accurate it took a tad over 5 hours and its not written in the greatest detail.

A moment from ESO about a year ago when I used to play on Xbox. I was playing in cyrodiil. The kyne campaign specifically, in that campaign its lvl 49 and lower (fair play all around) so when your character is about to get into champ lvls you would usually just delete it and make another character to play in kyne. Anyway, on the xbox 1 kyne campaign it was rare to have all three of the powers (Ebonheart, Daggerfall, and aldmeri) major zergs on which is one reason why this was crazy.

Lets get into it, at first it poped up in chat that an aldimeri zerg was attacking chalman keep so our zerg trecked over there after arriving at arrius keep. The first half hour was just the basic siege vs siege and dive bombing them from the walls. They had about 1/3 more players than us total so eventually they were able to wisen up and find a way in. At the start of the attack they had everyone stacked at the front gate but at the end of that first half hour they sent half of their zerg around to the right side of the keeps outer walls and were able to keep the pressure on the front at the same time and eventually were able to break through the right side. At this point we weren't too worried about losing the keep, decent sieges usually play out with the outer walls falling. You start to REALLY SWEAT when they break down one of the inner keep walls. This starts the next hour of this siege.

They had just broken down the right outer keep wall and started to try and trickle in, we had siege and bombers ready for them by then so we just kept on repelling their waves at one point since I was running a stamblade I was sent out to search and destroy their camps so they couldn't re spawn nearby anymore. I was successful in doing this which bought us enough time to repair the walls and get them up (not full health but up). This was our first chance to breath a little. They came back not to long after and started in tearing the wall down again, they were able to fairly quickly due to the wall being at half health. This time we weren't able to repel them nearly as well so we had to fall back into the keep and prepare siege for when they broke the inner keep wall, while having guys on the keeps balcony firing siege on top of them and the occasional group bomber sent out. This is almost an hour and a half into the siege and this is where it starts to get interesting.

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During the beginning of the siege for some reason a large force of daggerfall got on and started taking some of their keeps back. After they did that they decided to try and ambush the aldimeri while they were focused on us and attempt to finish taking chalman. Since the aldimeri were caught off guard and were still being attacked by us they were easily wiped. Daggerfall at this time had about 3/4ths as many troops as us so we were able to keep them out and eventually wipe them with minor difficulty. This was our second breathing opportunity. We knew they were coming back so we preped and were able to get the wall to almost full by the time the time the aldimeri came back. Once again they broke the outer right wall, and this time were having more trouble forcing us into the keep again. Until the dagger fall zerg showed up again, this time they didn't head for the aldimeri no.. they decided to attack the left outer keep wall.


We are four hours in about now. No one is giving in. We had a small group sieging down on the daggerfall to the left, and the rest of us fighting off the aldimeri to the right. The aldimeri eventually took full control of the outer keep area forcing the right and left groups we had to retreat to the inner keep. Which basically opened the door for the dagger fall to walk right in and start attacking the inner keeps left side (if you care to look at a diagram or something of a keep in cyrodiil you will see its rather large so daggerfall and Aldimeri would have to go out of their way to fight eachother). Inside the keep we are sweating just because of the fact we had both zergs on either side trying to claw their way in, we did hold them both out for quite awhile due to the fact you can repair the inner keep walls faster and easier with every small pause in their siege.

Remember how I said you really start to sweat when ONE of the inner keep walls falls..? Yeah.. I kid you not both the right and left inner keep walls fell at the same time. We stayed composed and the trick for us not getting swarmed and wiped then and there was letting both zergs in just a little at the base of the inner keep stairs and sending our bombers in on them wiping those groups. We had oil siege equipment everywhere.. spamming it on top of them over and over again. This kept them slowed down and weak. Waves upon waves upon waves.. we repelled. Couldn't send players to burn camps anymore after that first time because of the fact both daggerfall and aldimeri kept gankers near them. We just had to keep going we knew at this point the keep was going to fall but we were having a blast, 110ish players total just clashing it out.

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We kept them at the openings for another hour and a half they didn't breach to the main door in the front because both aldimeri and daggerfall sent small groups there to tear it down and they ended up fighting each other over and over again on the front steps.

But all things come to an end… we could have faught the two openings for much longer before falling but aldimeri eventually established dominance on the front door, we tried holding them off best we could over them with oils and bow classes but it wasnt enough. At a little after the fifth hour the resistance in chalman keep fell and with that the keep fell. After we were wiped the aldimeri numbers easily took care of the daggerfall that flooded in at the same time.

I am sure that most players that took part remember that siege very fondly. Things to say after wards in my experience an hour and half is a decently long time for an attack on a keep in the xbox 1 kyne campaign, and we were able to keep reinforcements flowing by the stamblades coming in invis and the rest through the front with a little help from a small group above the front door holding off the small attacks on those players.

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