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A HUGE thank you to an awesome tank (and everyone that helps newbies in dungeons!)

TheElderScrolls10 - A HUGE thank you to an awesome tank (and everyone that helps newbies in dungeons!)

Big post ahead but I just have to share this with more people since I've seen some really bad experiences posted here on the sub lately. There is hope… (EDIT: Actually happened a couple of weeks ago but automod wouldn't let me post).

Yesterday me (CP 163) and a friend (CP 167) queued as DPSs for our first dungeon. We are still pretty new to the game and were afraid we would be kicked right away from all the stories we read but decided to try anyway.

We queued and after a long wait we got put in Moon Hunter Keep. Now, we didn't really remember any names so had no idea what to expect. We see we have a tank CP 500ish and a healer CP200 ish.

First message in the group is from the tank:

"Hey guys, everyone knows this dungeon?"

I immediately told my friend: here comes the kick (BTW, I didn't know we couldn't get kicked as we queued as a pair. Only learned later.). I didn't want to lie so I told my friend to say no. Surprisingly, the healer also said no and even more surprisingly the tank said:

"Okay, we might not be able to finish, but I'll write the mechanics so we can try".

And so began one of my greatest gaming experiences ever!

The tank would write every single mechanic, in all the details.

First boss, we wiped a couple of times, tank telling us some tips to deal with mechanics. 15 minutes later, we beat it. My hands were already shaking and I was sweating like a pig, even in cold weather.

We march ahead, still dying left and right from the big werewolves, small werewolves, archers. Tank always telling us: "Don't stand by my side, bash the archer with the hands up, bash the wolves with the red lines". We listened and stopped dying once he pointed what was going on.

Eventually we reached the big tree boss that has some smaller trees healing him on the maze. That one took almost 20 minutes. The tank held the boss while the 3 of us kept scrambling to find the healers. We didn't wipe, but the boss' health barely went down. Still, after what felt like an eternity, we beat it.

We said this boss was annoying, and the tank just replied:

"Wait until the next one".

I was completely scared but excited now.

So we get to the big werewolf. Vikosa or something. The tank wrote half a bible explaining everything that was going to happen. Focus the humans, kite the wolves, bash the big boss. He admitted that this was probably where we were going to get stuck. Still, he was down to try.


First run we wiped right away because no one bashed the boss. Second run, though, we got the boss to 90k health before wiping, again because no one bash it for the tank. He said "I can try a couple more tries" By now we were 40+ minutes in this dungeon. But oh boy, what I ride!

The third time we struggled but cleared the boss. You could feel the excitement from the 3 of us in text chat. Dozens of messagees "YEAHHHH", "HOOORAY". The tank said:

"You guys proved my wrong. Nice job!"

We kept going, sometimes dying to random mobs. Then we get to the mage boss with the symbols. Again, tank explains every single mechanic and strategy. We did wipe 4 or 5 times here, but we died fast, each time the tank adjusting our positioning.

After several tries and once we were almost giving up, we went at it again! AND WE DID IT!

I can't put into words what I was feeling right now… The tank again says "Wow, nicely done! Now to the last boss". Seriously, I couldn't stop shaking.

We get to the last boss, and again the tank explains everything about the big wolves on the wall, the werewolves and says "Don't feel bad if we can't do this. This one is hard". But…

WE KILL IT FIRST TRY! Again, I can't explain just how awesome this experience was. It took us roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes and possibly half a book typed by the tank, but we cleared it. And it was one experience that I'll remember until the day I die.

The tank said "This is amazing, guys! You definitely proved me wrong. This is one of the hardest dungeons in the game if not the hardest on normal"

I just want to say thanks for this tank and to every other player in the ESO community that does things like that. I'll definitely pay it forward once I'm better at the game.

TL;DR: 3 low CP players get into one of the hardest dungeons of the game for the first time ever queuing for a dungeon, instead of getting kicked they beat the dungeon with the help of an awesome and helpful tank.

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