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A interesting way a game in Akavir could start

TheElderScrolls5 - A interesting way a game in Akavir could start

(Sorry for not posting in a bit but I had to get stuff done and I'm still not done reworking my previous theory with plot holes I was warned of and criticized for thank you for letting me know btw)

This isn't canon and is a what if situation and how could this begin but as lore friendly as it can be

The Time It is now: 556 of the fourth era

New Playable races I propose the first one will be a custom race of mine just for fun and this is assuming mantling Malacath is Possible like with Sheogorath and Jyggalag .

New race: The Dawn Elves Or Tammer (Pronounced Ta-mer) (Tam is Dawn in Aldmeris) They arised in 512 of the fourth era

In game quote of how they came to be:

They are neither in darkness or the light They are neither Orsimer or the Altmer.

The were born from a tribe of orcs that worshipped Trinimac and hoped to bring Malacath to his former glory.

And so was Born a orc Child of the tribe As boy he was strong and had a lust for war and violence his upbringing was rough as he constantly hurt his fellow orcs and hated living in what he called a a group of Weak Lurkers of the past.

But this boy was indeed the savior of the tribe Whether he wanted to or not for he became such a great warrior for the orc people he mantled Malacath allowing Trinimac to be reborn.

As thanks for being his saviors Trinimac blessed the orc tribe that worshipped him and transformed them into what he saw as true beauty even more beautiful then the Altmer their skin is iridescent and metallic in nature their eyes are like jewels their hair is metallic and mostly come in silver and gold.

They are the Tammer The dawn elves who recently escaped the darkness and now Are in recovery in the damns warming light.


I found this during research and this is exactly what I thought of envisioned but instead for my race they have more metallic skin

Why The game is set in Akavir

The Kalpa of Tamriel is ending and most of the races of Tamriel are moving to what they see as next Kalpa Akavir trying to escape certain doom

First the Argonian's are the ones to leave the Hist trees tell them to take them and their race and them to Akavir

Next are the Dunmer the Nerevarine returns from Akavir (Assuming its true he went their) and saves his people by leading them to Akavir were he has became a legendary invader that has been fighting them off for around 500 years defending Tamriel from being invaded and in turn defending Morrowind where they would most likely start their invasion.

Then the Tammer is told and led by Trinimac to Akavir to thrive (reason why another big culture in Akavir is the Tammer People and have city's rivaling the Dunmer and Argonians even though they are a very new race to appear in Nirns history)

The other races soon hear of this and some follow

well some do not and see it as nonsense mainly the Altmer they see it as lies and foolish and will lead them astray from Aldmeris (reason why you barely see any high elves because they assimilated into other elven cultures due to not being big enough to start their own city in Akavir)

The game would take place around 14 years after all the races settled and what they call The Great Migration

I Haven't thought of story or anything just how and why this game would take place their and why the old races are playable please leave criticism and improvements below.

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