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A long ranty love letter to Zenimax/Bethesda

TheElderScrolls7 - A long ranty love letter to Zenimax/Bethesda

Dear Zenimax/Bethesda:

I've been playing ESO for several years and really enjoy playing it.

Full disclosure: I play a DPS magsorc and have only been getting into dungeons/trials for the past two or three months. I enjoy it (except for Scalecaller – that is just hateful).

Now, it's pretty clear you really don't want to update (or increase the number of) your servers. Cool. That's your decision. As far as I know, it may not make a difference. Doubtful, but I'm only a bit techy.

Rumor has it that you're trying some different things to make PvP less problematic. That's great! I don't play PvP, so I can't speak to the effects there. But, as someone who has been practicing their light weave attacks, the recent update has really messed me up. Dungeons and trials have just become a PITA. But maybe not for the reasons you think. (I love Markarth and The Reach. Absolute brilliant job with that.)

But, instead of nerfing attack styles or healers' roles, what about nerfing the graphics in dungeons/trials? I don't know. Probably means rewriting a bunch of code. Which, if so, probably won't happen.

But the recent changes have highlighted the worst thing about dungeons/trials for a magsorc DPS who relies on visuals: all the noisy graphics. It's not easy avoiding AOEs or getting to safe ground or rezzing a team mate when I've got daedra spawning in front of me, matriarchs flapping around my face and, now, some ice circle thing that someone casts and makes it harder to see what the fuck is going on. Oh! And look! There's someone's banker or vendor or glowing pet wandering into the picture. Awesome!

Please don't get me wrong. I love your graphics. Have you ever gone swimming in clear water and zoomed out to see how your underwater shadow nearly perfectly mimics you? That's magic. Whomever created that needs to be more involved. You've done a lot of things right to make the world pretty immersible.


It would be great if you'd consider at least a few graphics changes in dungeons/trials. I don't need to see someone else's shield when it's applied to me. I don't need someone's daedroth/matriarch spawning right in front of me. At least, cosmetic pets and bankers/vendors should be autodismissed when a fight starts. If you can do it for Outfit Stations, it seems it should be doable elsewhere. It seems that alone would reduce server load. Not having to calculate all the visual effects from all the different angles for all the different players. (Again, not too techy. Probably involves code rewrites and probably not gonna happen. But give it some thought, please.)

It is nice seeing people's different pets and some of the different visual effects…when I'm trying to not die. Folks enjoy expressing their personalities in the game with pets – even me. But dungeons/trials aren't the place for them.

I've done what I can to make it manageable (and still get randomly kicked off the server). Addons disabled (except for ones that help during dungeons/trials), graphics turned down (not as potato as Oblivion but still "ughly"), shutting down processes on my computer, etc. Honestly, I think I'm going above and beyond to try and play (and still enjoy playing) without dungeon glitches (Spindleclutch I – really???) or getting kicked off the server when I kill a mudcrab in Betnikh (yeah, a really heavily populated area).

And the thing is, this has only been since the Markarth update. I've been a lucky player – few problems over the years. Mainly FPS drops or latency – and that's not too often (although it has been worse since the update). Maybe that makes all of the above even more glaring.

I don't have answers (just complaints, and that is crappy – I apologize for that). But I hope you'll consider some other changes to improve game play that doesn't involve nerfing play styles or roles. I love the hell out of a good healer. And there are a lot of folks who enjoy that role.

All of this is just my opinion. While a bit ranty, it's done with love. The game is great. But it could be greater.

Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Magsorc Who Likes ESO

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