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A Quick PSA Concerning Legends-Decks

TheElderScrolls5 - A Quick PSA Concerning Legends-Decks

Hey there everybody, WayneMcPain here. I run the Daily Card Discussion Thread here on the subreddit.

Recently, I've seen a lot of feedback regarding the Arena and Constructed ratings that I include on the Daily Card thread. A lot of people have been pointing out rather blatant inaccuracies of the ratings for some cards and asking where I get my data or why I include them at all.

If you aren't aware, I pull almost all of the information for the Daily Card Discussion Thread from Legends-Decks. The ratings are pulled from the card pages. The rating system is a scale of 1-5 stars and the ratings are from community members who log in and rate the cards. Anybody with a Legends-Decks account can log in a rate cards and the card's rating is an average of all the ratings for that card.

However, not many people utilize the rating function on the card pages. Sometimes a card may only have 2-3 ratings. This means that the data is very limited and the results can sometimes be very heavily skewed around 1 or 2 people's experiences (or worse, inflated due trolling or joking). This is why, for instance, Destruction Tutor has a Constructed rating of 4.7/5, even though it is considered by many to be one of the worst cards in the FrostSpark collection. This is because it only has 3 votes total.

So what is happening is you have a very small subsection of players who care enough to vote that are inflating (or deflating) a card's average rating either because they really like the card, dislike it, had a specific experience with it or against, etc. It's not actually reflective of the true power level of a card in the meta when the sample size is so small and the average rating so easily skewed by one person's opinion.

So why bring this up? Well, I wanted to explain to everybody why I continue to list these ratings in the Daily Card Discussion Thread and why I think it is important for more people to use this rating feature.

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The reason I continue to list these ratings even if they are not accurate is because I want to encourage our Reddit community members to utilize the Legends-Decks' rating feature. If you notice that a card's rating in the Daily Discussion thread is inaccurate, then you have the opportunity to go to LD, log in and immediately give your own rating to try change it. It only takes a few seconds and it will have an immediate impact on the accuracy of the card ratings.

I also wanted to point out that Legends-Decks, while not the only deckbuilding and card reference resource for the game, is certainly the most widely used and extensive resource we have. As such, I believe that we as a community have a responsibility to make sure that it is an accurate resource for new players. One of the first things that new players want to know when they start playing a card game is "Where can I find deck lists?". Since LD is such a ubiquitous resource, that is the most likely place that many new players will end up when they are researching the game. Therefore, I think it is important for us in the community to take our part in the maintenance of this site seriously. Part of that is going to be rating cards, part of that is going to be upvoting decklists' that deserve attention. Part of that is going to be not trolling or using the site for jokes.

I realize that anything like this that is even partly community driven is going to have some drawbacks and there are going to be people who abuse the system. It's not going to be perfect. Even if 1,000 Reddit users today stormed the site and rated every single card, it wouldn't be guaranteed for every rating to be a completely accurate reflection of every card's power level. But it would probably help to increase the sample size for the data in 90% of cases.

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So anyway, this is my friendly PSA to please make good use of Legends-Decks. It is a wonderful tool that most of us use on a consistent basis and we all have a responsibility to make sure it is the best that it can be. Same goes for any third party resource in this game, whether that's Legends-Decks or TESLegendspro or whatever. Rate cards, leave reviews, upvote decks, respond to comments. Make it a more accurate and living resource for our new players.

That's all. Thanks for your time!

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