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A rant on the Hexagauntlet

TheElderScrolls3 - A rant on the Hexagauntlet

I have a love/hate relationship with the Hexagauntlet.

  • On the one hand, it's one of the craziest, goofiest events in the entire game. It's incredibly fun to play, even if you lose.
  • On the other hand, it only comes once every month or so and I HAVE to play it more than that. If there was a Hexaladder, I'd never touch the plebeian normal ladder again.

So whenever it comes, I want to make the best out of it. Problem is, that's hard to do because of three cards: {{Piercing Twilight}}, {{Assembled Sentry}} (all the assemble cards are stupid in Hexagauntlet, but Sentry takes the cake because giving every card Guard is stupid), and {{Baandari Opportunist}}. On occasion, you'll run into a n'wah who uses all three. I, of course, am decidedly on team KHAJIIT DOESN'T NEED TO BE FOLLOWED.

Every single deck, and I mean every single one, is built around one of these three. These cards scale so stupidly, obnoxiously well in Hexagauntlet mode that there's no other choice. And that's a real shame. I'd love to experiment with {{Aldmeri Spellwright}}, {{Torval Crook}}, and {{Unrelenting Siege}}. But whoops, can't do that because I'm getting 30 khajiits in my face every turn or all the opponent creatures have Guard. Trying something with Soul Shred? No I'm not, I just got Twilighted (or the opponent is running mono-neutral).


Oh also on occasion the turn timer runs out while I'm in the middle of executing my 12-hour-long Unrelenting Siege combo. Timer broken, sparky please fix.

So, what do we do?

  • Hexagauntlet needs to become a normally available play mode. I should be able to run all the jank I want without worrying about losing on turn negative thirty-seven.
  • In fact, you know what? Let's add a party mode like in Clash Royale where you can play a variety of fun events. So for example Chaos Arena, Hexagauntlet, actions only, etc. Rewards are the same as Casual mode.
  • Finally, anyone think we might need to ban Assemble, Opportunist, and Twilight? I feel like these really take away from the spirit of the Gauntlet (also Invade but I mean that should never have existed to begin with).

TLDR: N'wah can't get enough of the Hexagauntlet.

ADDENDUM: I have just finished all my runs. 2 wins and 9 losses total. Pathetic, I know. I'm not upset about the losses, I just want to experiment some more without worrying about losing and then not being able to play again.

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