The Elder Scrolls

A Roaming Mage’s Return To Skyrim

TheElderScrolls10 - A Roaming Mage's Return To Skyrim

Today I reinstalled Skyrim on whim to see if one of the biggest criticisms is still the case.

'The Magic system is the most dumbed down magic systems in any of the Elder Scrolls games.'

As a magic user throughout all games series, not just TES, I love magic in all its various incarnations throughout media. And video games in particular. So needless to say I love Morrowind and its Magic system (and all aspects of the game, but I digress) which is, in my eyes, THE magic user game of the series.

So I installed and started and I game today and escaped Helgen with Hadvar. I stopped into the Inn and exited the game. So this is my little plan for the play through. I will first off go to Whiterun and report on the dragon attack to the Jarl. Just to make sure that I have a central starting base. I will then 'RP' a roaming mage that will head from hold to hold helping people and trying to learn about magic wherever possible. I will purposefully avoid the Civil War or the main quest, hell even the guilds, until my travels are complete. But I will eventually get around to all the storylines, DLC included, at some point. Though I might stop and raven rock early on for the new armor and such. Since I love all things Dunmer!

Now in order to really test the flexibility of the magic systems in game I will 'attempt' to use Destruction and Conjuration as little as possible. Of course if I only use the 2 'combat' schools of magic then thing will be easy and, more importantly; BORING! So this will ensure use of the 'non-combat' schools will take priority. Which I believe will be the true test of the magic systems in game.


2 little side notes that I need addressing. The first is that I will not use any bugs, the alchemy and enchanting loops are funny and make for a good Spiffing Brit video. But I feel that it would just invalidate the whole point of the exercise. And the second point being that I don't really mind using shouts for this exercise. I see shouts and the middle ground of the 'combat' and 'non-combat' schools.

And I will also use the exercise as a little Day9 style 30 day project that will serve 2 purposes. The first will be that I want to give streaming another shot. (
shutinshogun - A Roaming Mage's Return To Skyrim *cough cough*) and the second purpose will be these little journal entries of sorts on my progress. I would love to see if I can develop the skill of writing, I dont terribly care for the correct grammar or spelling or etc. its more of I wish to be better at communicating thoughts and feelings. While either of these don't have to be daily, Im going to try to make the streaming part. The writing part will come as I feel the add something. So maybe 2 or 3 times a week or something in that area.

If my fellow citizens of Nirn are interested or have questions by all means ask away. That is the secret sort of 3 goal, try to have more interaction with people in my day to day (be it with people on the internet or IRL)

Thank you all and I hope you have a great day!

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