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A simple guide to building Control Tribunal, one of the longest reigning “best decks” in the game.

TheElderScrolls9 - A simple guide to building Control Tribunal, one of the longest reigning "best decks" in the game.

We know that Bethesda has no plans to axe dual color cards from tri color for the foreseeable future, so why not take advantage of some of the classes that abuse this feature the best? Let's start with Tribunal. There are a million ways to make Control Tribunal, and about 997,000 of them are the wrong way. So that leaves us with about 3,000 ways, or good combinations, to make Control Tribunal, Let's start.

First, let's filter by class cards. Add in Saryoni because he's lowkey a top 10 card in the game when you draw him later in the game, so of course we're going to include him. You can proceed to throw in all of the dual color cards that make Mage, Spellsword, and Sorcerer even a consideration for being playable. Yep, steal all of their dual color cards because we're making a god damn powerhouse. Ok, not all. Let's just hand pick the best ones.

Sorcerer's Negation, Edict of Azura, Emperor's Blade, Ayrenn, and High King Emeric. Perfect! We're now done building 12 out of our 75 cards, or 16% of the deck.

Note: If you don't have a full collection or haven't spent money, you may want to exit now before reading any further.

We are now going to make the power move. You thought adding the dual color cards was that? Think again. Choose the "Sort" option, my friend, and click "Legendary". Now the fun begins. Here is what separates us, the chads, from the noobs on the ladder who are relegated to their virgin prophecy battlemage.

Throw in 3 Daggerfall Mages. Easy. Let's add in a Mentor's Ring because who doesn't love high rolling wards, guards, or drain? Abnur Tharn because he's broken, Ancano because he's equally so, and oh hey did I forget Luzrah? Yes I did. Throw in the little bae too. We need a late game win condition so go ahead and add in Sotha Sil.

We're done with Intelligence. Head on over to Willpower, let's add in Varen Aquilaros because we want to absolutely stifle any chance of aggro having a fight against us. Add in Thadon, two Dawn's Wrath, and a Miraak, and we'll consider it done in Willpower.

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Next up! Head on over to Endurance. This is a fun one! Let's start with Galyn, because he's playable for stats and can high roll the hell out of our opponent. Throw in The Gatekeeper, who is probably the most busted 5-drop in the game, followed by three copies of everybody's favorite Morrowind card, Odirniran Necromancer. Finish up with Mannimarco and Odahviing and we're done with the legendaries!

If you've been following along up to this point, we're now at 30/75 cards done. That's right, 40% of our deck is made up of really good legendaries or really good dual color cards. That's because we have access to the best of three colors, all of their good "dual color" cards, and our "punishment" is having to play 75 cards. HA! We'll take that punishment all day, because our percentages of good cards are just waaaaaay higher than what any dual color deck can muster up.


We still have to add in 45 more cards in our deck so let's start card draw. Our goal is to always have a bigger hand, bigger board, and overall just a bigger d*ck than our opponent, so let's add a lot. Aggro doesn't have a lot of tools to punish us anyways, so go to town. Masterminds, Camels, and Shrines should do the trick. And if we run out, we can always play our Necromancers for more!

With that out of the way, now we're on to the next chapter, which I hereby dub removal for basic bitches 101. Getting down to the nitty gritty of things, let's add in what fundamentally makes a Control deck a Control deck. 3 Executes, always (haven't you ever seen a TurquoiseLink stream?). Firebolts, Ice Storms, Channeled Storms, EZ! Don't forget yoour Piercing Javelins and Cast into Time (and we already covered Edict in the dual color section!)

Now, time for the creatures. Harpies, Barrow Stalkers, Wardcrafters, and Golden Initiates are all going to be auto includes in almost any Tribunal list. Oh, and did we forget? We need ways to to interact with our opponent before they get a chance to play the cards in their deck. That way if there is any surefire sign that they might have a chance of succeeding against it, we'll stifle it completely.

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Now, I have to apologize, in the midst of writing this it seems as if… I've lost track of what was happening. That sort of happens when you play good stuff decks, as it does when you write about them, because there's not a ton of agency… you just play what is given to you.

So what does our deck finally look like? You might be wondering. I probably skipped going over the last couple cards, and maybe you lost track somewhere, but here it is. I got you.

For the small price of 22 legendaries, 12 dual color cards, your soul, the agony of all of your future ladder opponents, and pretty much every story/collection in the game, you two can marvel in the true greatness that is Control Tribunal.

Hail, friend. Join the crusade today of eliminating dual color decks completely, because we honestly don't need them. We can play greed piles that showcase our dedication to our collection, showcase our "skill" of building 75 cards, and play games that were entirely decided in the deckbuilder.

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