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A Solution: Nirnroot

TheElderScrolls9 - A Solution: Nirnroot

I have been trying to think constructively about a couple of issues that have been on the community's mind and have an idea.


Remember that familiar noise from the other ES games? That stuff.

Nirnroot as a new currency.

Wins on the ladder reward you with Nirnroot. You still get your gold every 3 wins and random copies of Lich's Ascension, but you also get Nirnroot. At rank 12, you get, say 1 Nirnroot per win. You get a handful of bonus when you rank up. Nirnroot per win increases as you rank up, with dramatically more rewarded at Legend rank. Bonus Nirnroot is awarded for win streaks, and achieving a new career high rank.

Nirnroot is never available by cash or anything other than winning games.

The game will introduce a new cosmetic store. Card backs, alternate art, nifty titles, avatars, even game boards and new emotes. Every month, new things are added to the store. These things are only available for purchase with Nirnroot except for the last week of every month, when you can spend real cash in the store to purchase things before they rotate out.

You have all month to decide if you're going to grind the ladder or lay down some cash. Players get first crack at the items, and the delay between release and availability for cash minimizes exploitation of people with a credit card and poor impulse control.


In the 90s there was a commercial for, I think, Pepsi where there was a Pepsi points thing. X number of points got you a wallet, ten times that amount got you a backpack. The company jokingly offered a Harrier jet for like 10 billion Pepsi points. It got me thinking… what if there really was something absolutely bonkers that you could buy with Nirnroot?

People often say that there is no incentive to play the ladder competitively. I actually agree. The rewards for being the best players in the game are limited. Very limited. But if you were able to stockpile Nirnroot by proving yourself to be one of the best and most consistent players in the game on the ladder?

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The Harrier. You could purchase, with massive amounts of Nirnroot, byes in Masters Series qualifiers. For the first time, you could leverage your win rate and consistent high Legend rank finish into an advantage on the tournament scene.

Anyway. That's my idea. I think it would be nice.

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