The Elder Scrolls

A Stargazer Class Concept for a future expansion

TheElderScrolls6 - A Stargazer Class Concept for a future expansion

Mixture of Gravity / Telekinesis Spells for Damage and CC Support, Guardian and Birth Sign Protection Magic for Tanking and Buffing Allies and Water Magic for Healing.

I choose Water for healing because moons and gravitational pulls control tides so why not. Plus Telekinesis could easily move water etc.


· Singularity – ULT 250 – Create a wormhole that forcefully pulls ALL enemies over a large radius to a central location and Stuns them for 2 seconds and deals damage over time and reduces movement speed by 70% in the area. When an Ally activates the synergy enemies are one again grabbed and pulled back in and Stunned for 2 seconds. When you activate the Synergy the Singularity explodes knocking back all enemies 8 metres and dealing damage.

· Telekinetic Bolt – Hit an enemy with a strong telekinetic energy bolt. Standard Ranged Spam Attack. Every third Bolt has largely increased critical chance ###Stamina Morph###

· Nullifying Crush – Severely crush your enemies mind with telekinesis causing high magical damage and remove their most recent buff.

· Void Hammer – Create what appears to be an Apparition of a large hammer and using Illusion and Telekinesis powers do an overhead smack harming enemies in front of you in a cone and returning 33% health portion of health of damage dealt. ###Stamina Morph###

· Telekinetic Grasp – Using telekinesis wave that explodes round you grasp nearby enemies – The grasp squeezes them suffocating them as they struggle for air dealing DOT and Causing them to be immobilized for 4 seconds – Synergy causes magical damage as the Grasp Squeezes them tighter – ###Stamina Morph###

· Gravity Pull – Quickly Drag up to 1 enemy and 2 nearest enemies to them to you forcefully. Unlike say Dragonknight this doesn’t Buff Movement Speed and deals hardly any damage but pulls up to 3 enemies to you.


· The Trio – Ult 250 – Call upon the Signs of the Warrior, Thief and Mage Boost all nearby allies Health, Stamina and Magicka RECOVERY for 24 Seconds (Trying for a War Horn Alternative) #Morph Choices are increase Healing Received Or Slightly Higher Stamina and Magicka Recovery#

· Lady’s Embrace – The Lady blesses you with a granting Major Resolve, Major Ward AND Major Evasion for 20 Seconds – Allies can use Synergy to gain a Damage shield worth 30% of their Max Health for 6 Seconds for YOU and ALL nearby Allies.


· Shadow’s Distraction – Creates an illusion clone pet of a hooded shadowy figure that runs to a location then attacks nearby enemies with a Dagger and Small Shield, in PvE your decoy will stay in place and will taunt the nearest enemy into attacking it for 15 seconds with "Inner Fire" till it is destroyed or the timer runs out – Press the skill again to move the Decoy to another location, Your taunts as a tank are more prominent and an enemy would rather attack you if you use pierce armour. Morph changes effect depending on your weapon equipped – Heals nearby allies when destroyed if restoration staff or Sword and Shield or explodes with Destruction Staff, Duel wield or 2H depending on morph. ###Stamina Morph – This Shadow now WON'T taunt, has two daggers and instead deals extra damage### Skill damage depends on your Highest Offensive Stat.

· Lord’s Protection – Yours and nearby allies Block, Break-Free and Evade cost is reduced for 10 Seconds

· Lover’s Affection – Spur on you and nearby allies to fight which Increases Weapon and Spell Critical Hit Chance by 8% for a few seconds

· Ritual’s Bargain – Offer your Magicka and gain Health and Stamina to you and increase amount of healing nearby allies receive by 10% – Morph offer Stamina and Get Magicka and Health

LUNAR HYDROMANCY – Healing and Support Line

(The moon effects tides and has telekinesis so why not)

· Torrential Thunderstorm – ULT 150 – Creates a large Rainstorm that removes 4 on all allies de-buffs and lightly heals all allies who stay in the area every second and removes additional de-buffs every 4 seconds and will damage enemies with strikes of thunder every 3 seconds in a large radius. Lasts 12 Seconds. #Morphs More Healing or more Damage and zaps every 2 seconds#

· Soothing Stream – Constantly Sooth allies with healing waters – while draining your Magicka for as long as the Stream is Held – The Ally regenerates health, negates 8% damage, is granted Minor Berserk and their Magicka and Stamina Regenerate for as long as you are chanelling. As soon as you press the key again or attack the healing Chanel cuts off and all the buffs are lost. (Stamina Morph and Magicka Morph)

· Aqua Enchantments – Alter the properties of yours and your groups weapons – When they strike enemies with light and heavy attacks they are healed slightly. ### Alternate Morph – It doesn't Healing and instead splits that healing amount into two halves (Say 800) half going to Magicka (400) and other half going to Stamina (400) (No Healing) and other Morph increases Critical Damage ### (Think Green Lotus but less Heals)

· Stagnant Water – Creates a swampy moor of diseased water that damages enemies in the area and causes major Defile stopping healing.

· Mending Mists – Create a small mist like rainfall at a location with a large radius with light health regeneration and grants whoever is in the Mist Minor Resolve and Minor Ward as long as they stay in the rain.

· Crushing Wave – Release a wave of water to push back enemies and decrease their movement speed by 30%

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