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A suggestion to improve the Undaunted event

TheElderScrolls5 - A suggestion to improve the Undaunted event

It seems people here have a lot of strong feelings about this event. In general, I like the idea of the event, although its execution has left much to be desired (e.g. the broken dungeon finder).

There has also been a lot of tension between players, which I'm sure is not the intent. I can see both sides of the argument here: new players would like to take things a bit slower; experienced players want to speed through to get more chances at the top-tier rewards.

Here's my suggestion: What if instead of 1 reward per character, the event gave out a maximum number, say 4 rewards per account per day? The number of rewards would be doubled so you would get two mysterious gift boxes at the end of the run. I would also like to see more participation in vet dungeons since there is currently no incentive to do them in this event. So maybe three mysterious gift boxes for vet completions.

I feel like this would alleviate a number of issues: There would be less people trying to queue into an overwhelmed dungeon finder reducing the number of bugs. There would also be less of a feeling that you *have* to rush through these dungeons because you're trying to get all 12 toons done in the 2 hours that you get to spend gaming.


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