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A “Thank You” from your fellow PUG tank

TheElderScrolls2 - A "Thank You" from your fellow PUG tank

Since you rarely read something positive about pugs and tanking for and with pugs: Here is a story of an almost exclusively vet dungeon pug tank.

I started the game about a year ago and it's time for me to move on, since ESO lost a bit of its magic over such a long time (~850 hours) for me.

I liked quite a lot about this game: The lore, the quests, the characters, the beautiful landscapes… but the one thing I really loved above all else was: Running dungeon with random people.

More specifically: Running random veteran dungeons with random people. Yes, including all the DLCs.

I know it might sound crazy (even insane) to some people, but I really enjoyed it: The thrill of not knowing what dungeon will come next and what people you will meet alongside it.

Of course there were also sometime moments like this: But, most of the time, we succeeded nonetheless.

At first I was all terrified by it, especially when I first started to queue for vet dungeons. I didn't really know what expected me and often read that the tank is expected to be the leader of the group: I expected people wanted a super experienced tank which would know all the mechs and tricks of all dungeons, especially for vet DLCs.


But most people just didn't care. When I queued a vet DLC dungeon for the first time, I always stated that I was the first time in this vet dungeon, expecting people to leave or being highly annoyed that their tank didn't know the dungeon.

But guess what? People stayed – even when there was an occasional wipe. Even if I did some mistakes (even if it wasn't the first time in this dungeon), rarely anyone would get mad ever. Most tried to work together to beat the dungeon.

Probably one of the best dungeon run I remember was a random vet Unhallowed Grave: The group was all new to the dungeon, expect for one (not me). We figured out everything as a team and the happiness and sense of accomplishment at the end of the dungeon was endless.

My personal goal was to complete every dungeon of the game in veteran mode (without the HMs) – only with PUGs. Not long ago I completed this personal goal of mine and it was a blast!

My conclusion?

Vet Lair of Maarselok was tricky, but in the end we did it!


Running vet dungeons as a tank was super fun – Thank you for the awesome time!

Don't be shy as a new tank (can't speak for the other roles, since I focused on that one 😀 ) and jump right into the action!

Even if you don't want to join a guild for whatever reason (I personally enjoyed the randomness and the anonymity of random queues) – you can do it!

Most people you will meet are really helpful and awesome. Sure, there are always exceptions, but I found them to be exceedingly rare.

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