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A way to purify Markarth

TheElderScrolls13 - A way to purify Markarth

I think everyone can agree that Markarth has the most despicable population. Forsworn terrorists, cannibals, corrupted guards, the Silver-Blood mob, the Thalmor Inquisition, a literal shrine of the Daedric Prince of Rape right in the city… It's always a pain to visit Markarth when I roleplay as a good character, knowing how corrupted this city is.

But I found a way to improve the lives of the good citizens of Markarth by a large margin. Here goes:

  1. Complete Season Unending and give Markarth over to the Stormcloaks. This makes Stormcloaks execute Ondolemar and his lackeys, although it gives more power to the Silver-Blood family. But not for long.

  2. In the 'No one escapes Cidhna Mine' quest, visit Thonar and kill the Forsworn spies when they ambush you. Kill Nepos and his servants. When you find Eltrys dead, kill the three corrupted guards who killed him and turn yourself in. Inside the mine, kill Madanach. Escape the prison and report to Thonar to end the quest.

  3. However, now that we completed the Cidhna Mine quest, Thonar is no longer essential! Kill the corrupted scumbag in any way you see fit.

  4. Now it's time to deal with the remaining Silver-Blood family member, the noble Jarl Thongvor. Complete the Civil War questline for the Empire and restore Igmund as the Jarl of Markarth. This results in Thongvor being exiled from Markarth to spend the rest of his life grounded in Ulfric's palace. The Silver-Bloods are donezo.

  5. Next up, we need to get rid of the cannibals. Killing Eola for Verulus in 'The Taste of Death' is not nearly enough. Instead, agree to her proposal, clear the tomb from draugrs and bring Verulus to their feast. However, when Verulus lays on the table, don't kill him! Instead kill Eola and the rest of the coven, including Hogni, Lisbet and Banning. This way you save Verulus who will wake up and thank you for saving him (even though you basically used him as bait, but oh well)

  6. The last thing to do is to get rid of the threat of Molag Bal expanding his influence. Accept Vigilant Tyranus's request and investigate with him. Sadly you are forced to kill Tyranus (but I like to think that if we did nothing, someone else would have become his victim). Proceed further, into the bowels, and agree to find the priest of Boethiah for ol' Bal.

  7. Free the priest from the Forsworn and lead him to… Sike! Kill the filthy Boethiah worshipper. This will fail the quest and ensure that Molag Bal's altar and the mace will never be restored.

And that's it! Markarth is now free of Forsworn spies, the corrupted guards, the Thalmor, the mob, the cannibals and Molag Bal's influence. The city is now pure.

Or is it?

In order to accomplish this, you had to murder over fifteen people. They were far from innocent, but they were still people. Did they really deserve it? Was there no other way?

With all the harm you did, the last truly evil person left in Markarth is… You. Therefore, leave the city and never come back.

Congratulations! Markarth is now truly pure. You are the hero Markarth needed, but not the one it deserved.

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