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A wild concept appears – mount gear!

TheElderScrolls7 - A wild concept appears - mount gear!

Hello there, fellow adventurers

Recently I was faffing around in Cyrodiil with my overly bright Solar Horse (Henry) when I had an idea that I’d like to share with you and our grand overlords at Zos HQ. It’s rather simple really, but I think it has the potential to open up a world of customization.

If we were to categorize the mount system in ESO, it’s predominately reskins of 6 animal types: horses, felines, guars, bears, camels and wolves (for argument’s sake, let’s ignore the elk and insectoid mounts for now). Grouped by type, mounts are essentially identical and share body plans, animations and most sounds. Senche A is basically Senche B from a technological standpoint, just with a different skin. What’s interesting to me though, it that each mount skin is inclusive of the equipment they wear.

In short, I suggest the separation of mount skins from their equipment and the creation of a separate equipment collections tab, much like character adornments. This would allow players to mix and match equipment they own with existing mounts, provided that those mounts are the same type. Senche armor for senche mounts, wolf armor for wolf mounts, and so on and so forth.

k1cuzsm8bla31 - A wild concept appears - mount gear!
(Forgive my very simple diagram)

Personally, I think this has the potential to benefit everybody.

  • It would mean an additional and complex layer of customization that uses pre-existing assets (seriously, dragon scale barding on a doomwolf? Zos pls).
  • It has capacity to address community desire for achievable in-game mounts– rather than a whole new mount, Zos could implement unique equipment design for veteran or difficult content.
  • It doubles the roll pool at an Apex level for crown crate items. (Zos could lower the crown gem price of base mount design to 200, but introduce the equipment design price at 300. The total for a completely new mount + rig setup is higher than it is now, but the accessibility of individual apex items would be increased).

As for the mounts that follow other body plans, that can be solved by adding a “special” category that can not equip collections items. In my mind, it works the same way that facial and hair collections items are only available for certain races.

TLDR – Zos overlords, I humbly suggest we separate mounts and the equipment they wear into two separate collections items. This will enable players to share equipment skins across mounts that are the same physical type, much like character adornment items.

nm9omfj3cla31 - A wild concept appears - mount gear!
In this world, everything golden is part of a mount and everything dark would be a collections item. What do you think???

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